PackEm Rack for BackPack Blower Liner Spool and Round Cooler Review

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Review of the Packem Rack for BackPack Blower Liner Spool and Round Cooler

Today on our enclosed trailer we're going to be installing the Packem Rack for enclosed trailers. This will hold a backpack blower, stringer spool line, and a round cooler, part number PK-BM-BH-OP1. This will make transporting your landscape equipment easier and more organized. The base rack installs in the enclosed trailer quickly and easily with included hardware. The hangers safely suspend from our 2 by 6 construction and then we used the pre-drilled holes to secure it to the wood. As you can see here, the backpack blower rack is lockable.

For additional security your backpack blower is not only held in place but isn't easily removed and walked off. Then we also have our beverage holder with two straps that will secure it nicely, and then our trimmer line our trimmer string holder to help keep it nice and organized so that your spool doesn't run everywhere. It is made of a sturdy steel construction with a great powder-coated finish to resist rust and corrosion. Now to begin our install we're going to start with the top hook that's pre-bent to go along the top wall of the trailer. Now this particular application has had a piece of 2 by 6 added here with a back cut out of 45 so that it can accept here on the 2 by 6. Note, this piece can be purchased separately, part number PK-BH.

In that kit there will be two sets of hooks. We'll go ahead and set them here onto the 2 by 6 construction. Now our second item we're going to install is the upright or legs that will hook through the pre-drilled hole and slot, part number PK-BM, onto our top hooks, and then sit against the wall nice and flush. Also, we'll have the pre-drilled holes that can be used to secure to the wall. Now with our fasteners in place we've got them held in position nice and tight. The next item we'll install is PK-OP1.

Now for the install of our OP1 portion of our kit we're going to have the backpack blower attachments. It's a two piece attachment. We'll have one high for the hook that will go around the top handle and one low to hold the body. With our bottom attachment with the hardware that's included we'll simply just go ahead and remove it, take the bolts out. Then we'll line it up with the pre-drilled holes in our leg or upright.

I'll go ahead and put both bolts back in. Now once we have the hardware installed we can go ahead and tighten it down. Next we'll install the top hook. Now I'm going to go ahead and put my backpack blower in place. This is simply going to hook around the top, set down into position. Then to secure it at the bottom we're just going to use a simple stretch cord or bungee cord, hooking into the eyelets on either side. Next we'll go ahead and install our cooler mount. Again we have the supplied hardware. We'll go ahead and remove both nuts and both bolts, line it up with the pre-drilled holes of the upright, reinstall them, and tighten them down. We can go ahead and put our cooler in place, making sure our straps go around the cooler. Then we can pull them tight to secure it. Now we're ready to put the trimmer line or spool holder onto our rack. I'm going to go ahead and choose the bottom set of pre-drilled holes here, taking our two bolts again, installing the nuts, and tightening them down. The spool quickly and easily installs by removing the wing nut here on the end. Slide our hardware and bolt back. I'll just swing it out, take the spool, slide it into place, and then push our bolt back into position and reinstall our wing nut. Now once what have all three pieces of the PK-OP1 kit installed, which is our trimmer line holder, our water cooler holder, and our backpack blower holder installed, we've got our equipment up and off the floor, nicely organized, and secured. There you have it for the blower, cooler, and string line holder install kit, part number PK-BM-BH-OP1 install kit for enclosed trailers by Pack Em. .

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