PackEm J-Style Rooftop Kayak Carrier Review

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Review of the Packem J-Style Rooftop Kayak Carrier

today we're going to be taking a look at the Packem, J-Style Rooftop Kayak Carrier, part number PK-KR. The Packem Kayak rack is made of a sturdy seal construction and is coated with a corrosion resistant black paint. It has a carrying capacity of up to one kayak, up to three feet wide, and a weight capacity of 75 pounds. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing this kayak rack is that it works with a maximum crossbar width of 3 1/2 inches. Now I'll go ahead and show you how to install it. The kayak rack does come with two different styles of brackets to fit your crossbar style. A flat bracket or a bracket that will fit aero, square, or round bars, which is all we're going to use today.

We'll place the front part of the carrier onto our front bar. We'll then pull out our hardware which is the long hex bolts and black wingnuts. We'll thread them down through the top two center holes. You want to make sure that when youre pushing the bolts through that they catch the square grooves into the rail, so when youre tightening down wingnuts the bolt won't spin. We'll then bring our bracket on the underside of the bar, and thread our wingnuts onto the silver bolts.

All right, with the front part in place we're going to repeat the same process for the rear part of the carrier.One of the great things about this Kayak Rack is that its a J-Style, which means that you can position it on either the passengers side or the drivers side of our vehicle, to allow you to easily load and unload your kayak. What this does is it frees up the other space on your crossbars for additional roof accessories. It also has these soft foam pads here on the bottom side and top side of the kayak carrier, to help protect your kayak from scratches and abrasions while youre traveling down the road. Now the base here has a rubber protective pad that will help keep the kayak from slipping. Now that weve gone over some of the special features of the Packem Kayak Rack and have shown you how to install it, we'll go ahead and show you how to load up a kayak.Before we place our kayak up on to the rack, we're first going to bring the straps which are included with our kit, on the top bar, so that we can throw the straps over the kayak.

This allows for a much easier installation. Now with the straps in place we'll go ahead and place our kayak up onto the rack. With the kayak centered we'll go ahead and bring the straps up over the kayak and secure them down here on our bar. With the strap in place we'll then feed the one end to the silver can buckle and tighten it down. Theres a soft foam pad here on the underside of the buckle to help not scratch the kayak.

I'm going to repeat the same process for the front part of the kayak. With both straps in place we'll go ahead and secure the excess strap. With both of our straps tightened down, we'll go ahead and secure the bow and the stern of the kayak with the included bow and stern rope. We'll secure one end of the rope through the loop here in our hook. With this done we'll go ahead and fit the rope to one end of the kayak and back down to a connective point here at the rear of our vehicle. Now underneath the vehicle you can connect the other end of the rope to a connection point on the underside of your car. You can use a hitch or a tow loop to tie the other end of the rope to, to secure the end 00:04:00 of the kayak. When doing this, you'll want to refrain from tying the rope next to any hot items such as your exhaust. With our rope looped around the frame, we'll go ahead and secure the other end of the rope. We'll then repeat the same process for the front of our kayak. Now with the bow and the stern of our kayak secured, we'll go ahead and take it for a test drive to show you how it looks driving down the road. So with that, that will complete today's review of the Packem . .

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