Pack'Em Folding Paddle Holder Review

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Review of the Pack'Em Folding Paddle Holder

Today we will be taking a quick look at the Packem folding kayak and canoe paddle holder that fits one and an eighth to one and a half inch diameter handles, part number PK-KPAD-1. This is a great accessory for the kayak enthusiast, who likes to fish, eat, take pictures or just relax without having the need to hold the paddle in between your legs. This paddle holder will work for one and an eighth and one and a half inch diameter paddles. You can see it holds the paddle really nice and snug. You can see I can basically lift up the kayak on one end with the paddle secured.A neat feature about this is that it can fold flat for compact storage. The actual bracket is made of a heavy duty nylon and is rust and UV resistant.

As well as the hardware that comes with it are the two stainless steel screws, which are also rust resistant. This is a really quick and easy install. To begin, we'll need to assemble the piece that anchors to the kayak as well as the part that clips around the handle of the paddle. We'll do that by inserting this bar into this groove on the bottom here and make sure that it snaps in place. The reason why we're going to put it on our paddle first, is because it's going to give an idea when we place the paddle onto the kayak. We want to make sure that both screw holes are flush on the surface of the kayak.

We'll get that one done and then we'll go ahead and secure the back one as well. When you find a good location for both of the clips, just going to take a marker and mark through the holes, just to give us an idea of where we're going to be placing our screws.Now we can go ahead and pop the clips off of the paddle and then we'll screw them into the side of our kayak, grab our hardware. With the front one installed we can then repeat the same process for the back one. Now that we got everything installed, we can go ahead and snap our paddle in. Now that we got our paddle all loaded up that will complete today's review of the Packem canoe and kayak paddle holder, part number PK-KPAD-1.


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