PackEm Trimmer Rack for Enclosed Trailers Review

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Review of the Packem Trimmer Rack for Enclosed Trailers

Speaker: Today on our enclosed trailer we're going to be doing a review and install of the Rack'em Trailer Cargo Control Trimmer Rack, part number PK-6-5. The rack will mount to the wall of the enclosed trailer where the trimmers can be safely hung and organized off the ground. It's made of a sturdy steel construction with pre-drilled holes for installing and securing, as well as a finish-gray powder coat to prevent rust and corrosion. We easily the secured the four Keyda light 00:00:35 padlocks provided with the kit. Now to begin our install, we're going to start from the top and work our way down with our top hook. The top hook is designed with the bend in it to hook around the top of the wall of our enclosed trailer. Now for this particular application, it's at a 2'6 with a back-cut edge already prefixed to the wall, so we've attached some 2 by 4s just to shim it out so that it's flush going down our rack.

Once we get our top hook in place, we're going to go ahead and install the rack locking upright. With the pre-drilled holes in the upright and the pre-drilled holes in our top hook, we can use the hardware provided to secure the two together. Then we'll have an L-shaped bracket that will go to the bottom, one side being bolted to the wall. The other side will get bolted to our rack. See here in the upper bracket it's going two pre-drilled holes.

We're going to go ahead and use the upper one. With our top and bottom mount secured, we'll go ahead and tighten down our bolts that holds the upright. With that done, we'll go ahead and complete the same process with our second set of racks, only this will be the upright that has the hook side for our trimmer. Now to instlal the trimmer, we'll simply take it, lean it up on one side, leaning on our second side down, and then we can install our lock. There you have it for our install and operation of the Rack'em Trailer Cargo Control Trimmer Rack part number PK-6-5 on our enclosed trailer. .

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