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Pacer Performance Hi-Five LED Truck Cab Light Kit Review

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Review of the Pacer Performance Hi-Five LED Truck Cab Light Kit

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at etrailer. And today we're taking a look at the Pacer Performance Led Cab Lights. Now, these are designed to kind of mimic the OEM look of the 2015 to 2019 GM trucks. And that's why you have a similar look to ones that you'll see on the road. Now, these are gonna be universal fit, I mean, the fact that they are going to fit pretty much any curved or flat roof of your truck, and they kind of adjust as you tighten them down. These ones in particular are the smoke's lenses that give it a nice stealthy look.

Many of the cab lights that you might've seen on trucks throughout the years, have a bunch of different ones across, whether it be five lights or six, or whatever it may be. This one actually has a three-light design. So you have your two outer ones and this long single one. And I think it gives it a little more modern look than the typical multi-light ones. Now, it still gives the same kind of output because you have two LEDs per the smaller lights.

And this center one, you have three sections also with those two LED lights. And they all come in an amber color. Having the three lights with the large center and the two outside lights is going to be really nice for this roof line in particular, because you do have that factory antenna kind of aligned with this. So trying to get a bunch of lights staggered in can make it a little bit more difficult. Well, this one actually has nice spots that are kind of working around that antenna that still gives it a really clean look.

And that smoke kind of blends in with that antenna too. So it really looks good, nothing flashing on the roof . LED lights have come a long way and that's no different from the house to vehicle lighting. And these have these two LED diodes that emit a good amount of light without using a whole lot of electricity in the process. Another great thing about these is there's no bulbs to replace, and they tend to last 50 times longer than a standard bulb.

These lights adhere to SAE specifications. So that's gonna make sure that you don't have anything illegal as far as lighting goes on. So you shouldn't be getting pulled over for these. In fact, they still have an OEM appearance to 'em minus that smoke lens. Now, you might be asking, what's the purpose of cab lights and why would someone put them on their truck Well, a lot of the larger vehicles, mostly duallies, will have these installed from the factory. And the reason being is generally, if you're over 80 inches wide, you need to have these to let other traffic, that might be ahead of you, know that a wide load is coming through. And while this truck is not a dually and not required to have these, it does give it a tough look, kind of that big rig style look. And it just adds a little flare to the truck and overall toughness. And in fact, the amber bulbs match the factory amber lighting from the corners of the mirrors, as well as the corner lamps on the truck. So it really blends well together overall. Now, each light has two studs that you'll drill through to actually mount on the roof of your vehicle. But underneath the light itself, there's gonna be wires coming out, but all of it's covered in a nice foam pad that as you tighten this down to the bracket that's applied, it's gonna compress that foam, and that's gonna make sure that water doesn't actually go down there. It's gonna create a nice seal. Another great thing about that foam is it's gonna contour to really any style of roof, as long as there's no rigid. So if you have a slightly curved roof or a flat one, it's gonna go on there quite well. Now, the thing about these is there's no specific spots that these have to go. So if you want them a little bit forward or a little further back, you can see the roof line does start to change here. But if you really wanted to, you could kinda mount them exactly where you want. You can stagger them a little bit, if you want these further back. That's totally possible because during the install, when pulling the headliner down, you're gonna see it's pretty well open real estate, and you can kinda custom-fit to how you want it. And when you purchase the kit, each light will have a black and a red wire coming off of it. And also included is gonna be an extra run of wires, as well as your connectors to attach them all together. Now, we've opted to actually use a butt connector style, just for a little bit better connection. And we also have omitted the factory switch that it comes with. So in the kit, you do have this switch so you can turn them on and off, but we actually opted to put a brake relay kit in, as well as tapping into the fuse of the corner lamps. And that way, when you turn your corner lamps on, your lights are gonna come on at the same time, and you're not gonna have to worry about flipping them on or off whenever. It's not gonna cause a draw on your battery. Now, another nice design in these lights is the aerodynamic feature of them. You can see, it actually allows wind to kinda go over them and then it tapers off with a flat back. And that is really nice because when you put things on your roof, if they are square and creating a wind block, it's gonna cause a minor amount of drag, but also a lot of times wind noise. So this should cut down the wind noise to a minimum. And the instruction manual says that there is a template included. Now, seeing the actual instruction manual, it's been scaled down. So it's not actual size to this. So I recommend, if they're making a template out of some paper or cardboard, or using painters tape to really lay this out, to make sure that you have the proper spot measured perfectly before drilling. So overall, this is going to give your truck a really nice aesthetic look to it in the fact that it does have that kind of big rig look, or it looks like a 3500 dually, just that tough look. And generally, when I see turbo diesel trucks or one-ton trucks, I always see the cab lights and kinda think that's a little bit heavier duty. And that's really what these kinda give that impression of, because it does kinda give you a reminiscent of big rigs. So if you wanna get that same kinda look for your truck and a nice stealthy smoked lens with some nice amber LEDs, these are gonna be a great option for you. And that was a look at Pacer Performance LED Cab Lights with smoke lenses..

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