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Review of the Orion Premium Roadside Emergency Kit

Speaker 1: Today we'll be taking a look at the 60-piece Orion Premium Roadside Emergency Kit, part number RN8907. You can also pick up the same kit with a windshield protector, traction pads and ice scraper with part number WNTR1-EH. Never be unprepared for a roadside emergency again. It's going to come with jumper cables, two light sticks, duct tape, some zip ties, road flares, two 19-piece first aid kits, three cleanup cloths, a multi-tool with a flathead and Phillips head screwdriver, a safety vest, and a rain poncho. It all fits nicely in the included storage case, and it even includes the gloves that I'm wearing. The jumper cables have a 10-gauge wire, and they're eight foot long.

When connecting your jumper cables, you want to connect to the positive side of your dead battery first.Then you'll connect to your positive terminal on your good battery and your negative terminal on your good battery. Then lastly on your dead battery, you'll want to connect your ground to a body ground on your vehicle like this exposed metal here. Now you're set to jump start your vehicle. Then, once started, you can remove your cables in the reverse order. The glow sticks feature a lanyard so you can hang them.

When you're ready to use it, you just crack it. The screwdriver is reversible for both your flathead and Phillips head needs. The 12-inch zip ties and the duct tape are a great temporary fix for anything that may have come loose, and the duct tape is a highly visible red. The cleanup cloths are great for cleaning up spills or cleaning up after yourself.The first aid kits include two sizes of bandages, sting and bite pads, sterile alcohol pads, and antiseptic towelettes. The rain poncho is lightweight and it's one size fits all.

The safety vest is going to help keep you visible day or night when changing a tire or performing other maintenance. Now I'll show you how to use the flares. First take one flare and hold it below the line. You can then remove the top lid on the cap to expose the scratch sticker. Twist and remove the cap, exposing the black igniter button.

You could push the cap onto the bottom of the flare and it acts as an anti-roll device. While gently pressing the black igniter button against the scratch sticker on the cap, strike away from your body and face. You'll want to be sure and always point the flare away from your face and body while igniting and afterwards.Place your first flare approximately 20 feet behind your vehicle. This is approximately eight paces. You'll want to set it in place. Do not drop it. You can then light and place your second flare on the pavement about 100 feet behind your vehicle, and this is approximately 40 paces away. Optionally, depending on your roadway, you can place a third flare about 20 feet in front of your vehicle. With all of your flares in place, you've created a zone of safety for you and your vehicle. Note that your flares have a 15-minute burn. The ice scraper includes an ice breaker, scraper and a snow broom. The traction pads wedge between your vehicle's tires and the ground, giving you more traction in the snow, mud, and sand. The windshield cover keeps snow and ice from building up on your windshield, and that's going to complete our look at the 60-piece Orion Premium Roadside Emergency Kit.

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