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Optronics RV LED Porch and Utility Light Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Optronics RV LED Porch and Utility Light

Adam: What's going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at an oval LED porch light for your guys' campers.What we have here is an LED light. In my opinion, if you have any traditional bulbs on your camper and you're looking to replace them, replace them with LEDs because this isn't going to need to be replaced near as often as your typical bulb. It's going to last around 50 times longer, and it's going to work with any 12 volt DC system. You can do it pretty much any different way, meaning you can install it upright, like I have here, if you like the looks of that. Or you can install it sideways because it does have somewhat of an angle down.

So if you are mounting it a little bit higher, don't be afraid that it might not get to the ground. The light will reach there because it is angled down, so it'd be great for that too. All in all, it's going to have a nice little warm amber light. So if you would like to just kind of hang out outside of the camper, it's going to be plenty of light to do that.Just to give you an idea of how bright this light is, pretty much it's going to be something that's going to illuminate pretty much the whole side of your camper. So if you're at a spot where you can't really have a bonfire to kind of light up the dark night, we can go ahead and just turn this thing on and it'll give you that nice soft amber look.

So you'll be able to see what you're doing whenever you're talking to all your friends outside your camper. But it's not going to be too bright and it won't really attract those bugs as much as a traditional bright, bright floodlight.Just to get a closer look on the inside, here is all of our LEDs. This is what's going to be saving you money and lighten up the way whenever you guys turn it on. And here's the little amber lens. If you would really like, we do have other styles like this that aren't amber.

They're just white. So if that's something that you would rather have, we have it, so no worries.As far as dimensions go, we are going to have an overall length of 6-5/16". We're going to have a width of about 3-5/16". When I said earlier, how if we we're to rotate it like this, how it would be facing down, on this side, we are going to have a height of about 1-7/16", and then on this side, we're only going to have about 5/8". So that's going to give you that angle to light up the floor whenever we mount this horizontally and a little bit higher up.Just to give you my two cents on the light, it works, it's bright and it was really easy to install.

So whether you're just replacing an existing light or you're just adding lights to your rig, I highly suggest getting the LEDs, just because they're 50 times longer lasting than your traditional bulbs and they're going to draw less power. In my opinion, that is a no-brainer, just because why not buy the light that's going to longer and also cost you a lot less energy. We got to keep that in mind and I highly recommend going with LEDs. Regardless of which one you go with, LEDs are the smarter move.To begin our installation, what we need to do is find the correct wires. I highly suggest testing the wires. We want to hook them up by function, not by colors. Today, I'm going to be doing black to black, white to white, just because we tested it and that's how it kind of works out. And then, of course, we need to strip the wires back. You don't need a whole lot. I'm going to be using heat shrink butt connectors. You really don't need more than about, I don't know, 1/4" or so on each of them, and you're only going to have to do these on your trailer wires because the light makes it easy for you. You just got to pull these guys off and you're ready to rip.I like doing the light first. If you guys don't have any of these, we have them. So just add them to your cart real quick because it makes it all quick and easy. And then give it a good tug, make sure it's nice and connected, and then move on to the next one. The more wire the better, in my opinion, just because you have more to work with. If you're doing it by yourself, you don't have to be hanging up there trying to keep it together and crimp it. This way I can kind of just keep it down in a comfortable spot, so I can make sure and not waste a connector if I accidentally miss the wire when I'm crimping it down. All right. Tug it, tug, tug, all good, and onto the next one, same exact deal.Now I'll take a heat gun and heat them up. If you don't have a heat gun, hair dryer might do some, but a heat gun is definitely going to do it the best. I like using heat shrink just because it keeps all that moisture out. Just in case for some reason, water gets inside here, you can be assured that your coated wires and with this heat shrink connector, it's not going to get wet. Because that could cause a lot of different problems and you don't really want that. So grab these connectors, we have them here, to make the job a little easier on yourself.Now, all we got to do is just tuck those wires back away, put them back in their home. And then what we're going to do, we're going to take our little rim here, and we going to just screw it on. We do have hardware that comes with it, but they're not self-tappers and I am not using existing holes. So, if your situation is kind of similar to mine, you can go ahead and just use your own screws. And also, depending on what kind of look you guys like, you can put it either upright like this or you can put it horizontal. It's all up to you. I kind of like the way this looks, so I'm going to go with this. Screw it in. All right. We'll do the same exact thing for the bottom.Now, all we got to do is just put our lens back in, pops in just like that. And now we get to see if it's going to work. So go ahead, once you do all that, and give your rig some power and look at her glow. Well, everyone, that's just about it for our look at the Optronics Oval Amber LED RV Light, and I'm Adam with etrailer.

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