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Optronics LED Trailer License Plate Light Installation

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How to Install the Optronics LED Trailer License Plate Light

Today on our trailer, we're going to be taking a look at, and installing the Optronics LED trailer license plate light, with two diodes, in clear. Part number LPL12CB. We're going to using this in conjunction with the ear mount bracket, part number A11GLPB. Here you can see it's light up; it's nice and bright, two diode, LED. It's going to be fully submersible. Now, our light's going to feature two DOT compliant LED's with a clear poly-carbonate lens. That's going to be a great replacement for your incandescent bulbs.

It's going to be more efficient, brighter than an incandescent bulb, and draw less power. That's going to carry a lifetime warranty on the LED's. Now that we've gone over some of the features, we're going to go ahead and show you how to install it. Our trailer does not have a light, it previously had a light, but it's missing, so we're going to go ahead and replace it. We already have an inch an eighth hole in our trailer from our previous light, and two screws. This one will line up just fine.

We'll take our new light, we're going to slide it through the bracket. There's going to be a little tab on here, it's going to line up with the tab that's inside of our light bracket. We're going to slide it into that tab, and snap it. Now it's going to allow you to point your light in the right direction. As you can see, it's got a raised up edge, so if you're mounting it down, it's going to shine the light forward. In this case, we're going to mount it to the side, so it's going to shine the light back onto our plate.

Now, it does come with these rubber connectors, that you can use a button style connector to snap in there. We're going to use some heat shrink but connectors. I'm just going to cut these off, and we're going to strip back our wiring. Then we'll install our connectors. Given them a nice tug, bake sure they're nice and tight. Now we can trim off our excess, and we'll strip back these as well.

The white's going to be our ground in this application. The black is going to be our power, which is going to tie into the red, that is our power on our trailer. We'll match the white to the white; crimp that into place. We'll match up our red. Now, one tech tip: you want to make sure you have the proper tool to crimp these with, so you don't over crimp them, and put a hole in our connector, or under crimp it where the wire can come out. You can use a heat gun, or you can use a small butane torch, as long as you keep the heat far enough away, where you're not going to melt your connector and crystallize it. Now I'm going to wrap it up with some electrical tape, just to further protect our connection. We're going to tuck our wire up in there, nice and neat. Then we can install our screws. That's going to do it for our look at, and install of the Optronics LED trailer license plate light, with 2 diodes, in clear. Part number LPL12CB, on our trailer.

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