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Optronics LED Heavy Duty Trailer License Plate Light Installation

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How to Install the Optronics LED Heavy Duty Trailer License Plate Light

Today on our utility trailer, we're going to show you how to install the Optronics Heavy Duty LED Licence Plate Light. This is chrome plated, has the ear mount and it offers 5 diodes. Part number is LPL41CB. As you can see, the 5 LEDs are going to do a good job of lighting up the plate for us so we can stay within compliance of any local laws and we've got the nice heavy duty chrome cover that's going to go around the top and also the nice dog ears for easy attachment. To start our install, let's get rid of our old licence plate light. We can pull our wires thought there a little bit. Then right there on the back side, we've got a little plug we'll pull out. There we go.

Now we'll go ahead and trim up our wiring there where it comes out of our plug. Strip back each end a little bit. Once we have those stripped, let's just pull them back inside the frame rails of the trailer here. We'll bring in our new licence plate light and we'll feed the two wires from it through that same grommet. Pull through the slack on that, find where we want to mount our light.

That should be good right there. What I'm going to do is use just a small drill bit here, mark those hole locations. We'll just move that down out of the way for a second while we drill those out. Let's line our light back up with the holes we just pre-drilled. We'll use a couple of self-tappers to hold that in place. These aren't provided so you'll have to pick those up.

Add one of our butt connectors. We're using head shrink butt connectors since we're going to be outside of the trailer down here to help keep them from any corrosion and stuff like that from occurring. If you don't already have these, we offer them on our website. You can pick them up there. It's like that.

We'll keep a little bit of the wire for our light there just so we have a little bit of extra. Cut off any excess. Strip both those ends back. Those will go right into the other side of our butt connectors here. Everything nice and secure. Now we'll just use a lighter. We can use a heat gun. We'll just apply some heat to where those will shrink down really well for us. Now if you use a lighter, you want to use the bottom of the flame. You want to use that blue part. If you use that yellow part, it'll kind of turn black on you almost, kinda gets some carbon buildup on there. Now we'll turn on the running lights in our tow vehicle and we should have a nice, constant light coming from our licence plate light. With it connected and working properly, that's going to complete today's installation of the Optronics Heavy Duty LED Trailer Licence Plate Light, part number LPL41CB.

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