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Optronics GloLight Thinline LED Clearance Light Review

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Review of the Optronics GloLight Thinline LED Clearance Light

On this enclosed trailer, we're going to review and install the Glow Light Thin Line Clearance Light. Part number MCL165AB. Now we're working with the amber color today, this is also available in red as part number MCL165RB. This is our light right here. Couple of things dealing with the length, is going to be 3 7/8 inches long. From here to here, 1 1/4 high, and the thickness from here to here is going to be 7/8 of an inch.

Take a look at the backside, two simple poles, one's going to be ground, one's going to be hot. Very simple to install. This part number you get this entire assembly right here. The base such as in this example right here, is sold separately. This is a completely sealed unit, so you can use this .. There's a clearance side application right here, or you can use it in marine trailer applications as well.

Now this is an LED light, and this uses ten diodes. It's a very super bright light. Very easy to install, let's go ahead and do that. Set our new one to the side, and remove our preexisting light. Now there's a catch on each side, and on the inside as well where the contacts are, is a press fit. inaudible 00:01:07 similar to remove and install.

We'll use a flat bit screwdriver to kind of release the edges, and pull out on it. You may have to pry around a little bit on it as well, to get it to come out. A little patience and it pops right out. Maybe a good idea to go and clean this area out first, and then install our new light. It may help to use some kind of tool to probe around in there, and clean out the tabs.

Maybe scratch it up a little bit to. Make sure you have good contact, and get rid of the dirt. We'll take our new light, and put it into place. Line up the contacts, and push it in. That's all it takes. We'll go ahead and apply power to it, and make sure it works. Of course we're in daylight, it's a little bit harder to see, but look closely we got we got one, two, three, four points of light on our clearance light here, compared to a conventional two bulb incandescent setup here. With that, that will finish it for a Glow Light Thin Line Clearance Light from Optronics. Part number MCL165AB.

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