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Review of the Organized Obie RV Storage Net

Evangeline: Hi, it's Evangeline from And today we are looking at the RV storage net by Organized Obie here at etrailer. So if you look over here, it's really good for if you need to organize your life and to put things in and store them away when you can't put them in shelves or in cabinets. It's a nice way to keep things handy but secure, especially when you want to be driving around with your RV. So I have it here by our sofa so I can have my remotes, my wallet and my phone handy. And let's take a look at all the other ways we can store things with this.These storage nets come in three different sizes.

I have them here on the table. We have 8-by-11, 8-by-16 and 8-by-32. So if you look over here, for 8-by-11, you can choose them according to whatever needs you have in your RV. So this is a smaller size, 8-by-11, and I guess I would use them for smaller remotes. Other small items like batteries can fit in there, and they fit through the netting because it is small enough to hold small items, but the pouch can be pulled out long enough to fit other items.For your 8-by-16, honestly, we can get some really large remotes, and this is a perfect spot for them.

It's also good by your sofa or your charging area by your outlets for your wires, your cables, your entertainment system cables. This is a great spot for them.And if you go over here to the longer one, so it's longer, it has more space. And we can put other things here, like it's nice to hold your books and your magazines or your larger items and your larger cords. I personally would like to put this by my bed, maybe above my headboard, and would just display all my different books over here. So I could have a library in my RV without worrying about them falling out when I drive around.So those are the different sizes.

And honestly, you can just pick and choose according to whatever best fits your lifestyle. When you use this storage net, you have to, of course, figure out where is the best place to put it. Right now, we have it here beside our sofa, because if I have a guest that wants to sleep over on the pullout bed, I can just have them put their phone, wallet, keys, and personal items here. This is a perfect spot. And here by the sofa is also a great spot to put my remotes for when I want to watch TV.So these come with seven self-tapping screws, and these are really nice because they're nice and short.

So in this case, if someone wants to use the sofa on the other side, I don't want a large screw. And because are seven in there, they all work together to have it in there sturdily.Now, when I use this against the wall to put up another storage net, it was just easy enough to do it by hand. But in some cases, depending on the surface, you may need to use a drill bit. So I already installed six of the seven screws, and I just need to install this last one. So I will start by making a pilot hole. And from there, I can install my screw by hand.So final thoughts about this RV storage net is I really like the way it's designed. It actually looks really minimalistic here in our RV, and it works well though. It's also very functional. This elastic netting pulls out far enough so that you can put a lot of items inside, but it also closes in snugly, so your items aren't flying around when you're driving around.So I like how it works, and I like how it comes in different shapes and sizes, so that I know that I can use it for all the different organizational needs that I might have with my RV. So that was a look at the RV storage net by Organized Obie here at

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