NOCO Group 24 to Group 31 Battery Box with Strap Review

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Review of the NOCO Group 24 to Group 31 Battery Box with Strap

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at that NOCO Battery Box, with strap, for group 24 to 31 batteries, part number 329-HM318BKS. What's unique about this battery box, it's going to accommodate different size batteries. It will accommodate group 24 to group 31 size batteries. Now, NOCO also makes similar boxes that will accommodate single size batteries like your group 24 batteries, your group 27 batteries, your six volt batteries, and your U1 batteries. This one will actually fit multiple size batteries, and has a separator for the size battery you're installing. You simply slide it in and you see it's going to have six slots to slide your separator in, depending on the battery size that you have.

This is going to help keep your battery from sliding side to side.On the inside here, you can see how we have a raised section. Your battery is going to sit on top of this raised section, what these spots are that are dropped, these are reservoir, acid reservoirs. They are acid resistant, so the acid will not eat through the plastic if your battery happens to have a leak in it or something, the acid is going to come down and sit in these reservoirs instead of sitting on the bottom of the battery. The box itself is constructed of a UV resistant molded plastic, you can see it's going to have nice handles. If you decide to mount this inside, where you can carry the battery around inside the box, the handles very durable, strong, very wide grip, so you can get your whole hand in there.

As far as the lid, this is a snap lid, so it will lock into place, and it's also vented to release any fumes that may be caught inside the box.Another nice thing about this lid, or this box, is you're going to have four locations for any wiring that you may have hooked up to the battery. We're going to slide our battery in, we're going to slide it all the way over to the edge. Then we're going to take our adapter plate here, and we're going to slide it in just like that, right next to the battery. We can either run our cables in one of the four locations before we put our lid on, or if we're just wanting to store our battery, throw our lid on. Your box is also going to come with a nylon strap.

If you use it with the hardware that it comes with, on a wood floor of a boat or trailer, the strap itself will actually be used to hold the battery box, battery down to the floor. If you're using it in our situation here, where it's mounted to a metal frame, the strap is just going to be used to hold down the lid.The buckles on the strap are going to be a durable plastic. You can see they're going to have teeth, bottom and top one are going to have teeth on them to help them grip on to the strap when you have it on the box. We'll go over top and then down through the bottom. And then we'll pull it tight and that will secure your lid on.

Now that we've gone over some of the features of this NOCO Battery Box, let me show you how I installed it.For our installation, you're going to have two clips like this that come in your kit. Now, you're also going to have four wood screws. In our case, our customer wants the box mounted on the front of his trailer, to a metal frame. In order to get it into our metal frame, we're going to use some self-tapping screws and some fender washers. The reason we're using fender washers is because our box is a plastic and we don't want to pull that head through the plastic. This will give it a little wider base for a little bit stronger hold. We'll take our self-tapping screw and our fender washer, you want to make sure you're going into this small acid reservoir, in each corner, and not here in this raised part because your battery is going to sit up on here. You don't want the head of the bolt potentially causing damage to the bottom of your battery.We'll go ahead and do the same thing, put one in each corner here like that to hold our box in place. We'll have our strap, we can drop down. And that will keep it, our lids secured. That will do it for a look at the NOCO Battery Box with strap, group 24 to group 31 batteries, part number 329-HM318BKS.

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