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MORryde RV Cargo Sliding Tray Review

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Review of the MORryde RV Cargo Sliding Tray

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we'll be taking a look at our MORryde Sliding tray for your RV cargo compartments right here at etrailer. This is a very easy to install sliding tray which you can install in different shapes, different sizes, depending on your storage space. This allows you to access items that may be stored at the center of your storage case. You can just slide this out and you now have access to them, and it allows you to organize your stuff a little bit better.

This arrives fully assembled. So the main things you need to do is figure out what size do you need for your RV And then you can figure out what kind of items can you store inside of this. So we'll take a look at some different specs, different measurements that you can make the correct decision for you. So let's take a look at some width and length measurements. Width is gonna be the most important because you wanna make sure it fits right inside of your door.

So we have a width range of 20 inches all the way to 52 inches. So for that width measurement, it's actually a quarter inch less than what it says it is. So for example, if you had a 20 inch wide door, you can actually get the 20 inch straight cause it's just a little bit smaller than 20, allowing you to they'll be able to open this. Now, as you can see here, we didn't fully utilize the width because we wanted some extra storage face to side for our longer items like our mats or your chairs. So that's definitely something you can do too.

So the length measurement is gonna have a range of 36 inches long all the way to 90 inches will long. In fact, for your longer trays it now becomes a two-way tray. So you can access it on this side or you can access it on this side. Whichever is easier for you. It uses its easier to open latch.

If you do have a two-way, there's gonna be a latch on each side. If you have the one-way, it's just on this side and this allows you to slide it out and it has ball bearings that help you slide. The one downside to this is it doesn't lock unless you pull it out all the way. So this does slide out to 60%. So this was in the center of our RV and now it's accessible. So compared to the more premium trays, which can stop at like a third or two thirds of the way out this is pretty much all or nothing. Since it does slide out 60%. If you do get the two way, you will be able to access all of your cargo tray, grab whatever you need, depending on which side you slide is out from. Now let's take a look at heights. So there's gonna be some different measurements here that you will have to be mindful of. The first is gonna be our actual usable height with the carpet on the inside. So you have this nice carpet floor which means that your items aren't creating a mess inside your storage space. You can also slide around your items without worrying about scratching them or damaging them. But there's the downside. The downside is that it takes up space inside your storage tray. So you have about three and a half inches of height. So this isn't gonna be a big deal because you're still able to stack things up inside of your sliding tray but you will have to be mindful if you have pipes if you have things hanging low to stack it around them so you don't run into it. So the height of your tray is now gonna be almost seven inches tall from where you install our bracket to top of the tray but notice where our ball bearings are and where the lip of our storage space is. So here it's easy enough to slide this over because it slides over the lip. But if your lip is more than 1.6 inches tall, there's gonna be a salute for you. And that is to get the separate height kit for your cargo tray. So we talked about measurements. The question is how much cargo can you actually load inside this sliding tray Of course it depends on what size cargo tray you have for the actual space, but all of them have a weight capacity of 800 pounds. So let's say you have a black stone grill. You can place it right here in the center. Use this to grill on safely. You can even load your heavier, bulky items on this tray. And since it slides out you don't have to lift it out of your storage space. So here at etrailer we have different products from different brands. So let's talk about another big brand of cargo trays that we carry. That's gonna be the Lippert Kwikee SuperSlide cargo tray. So it's kind of similar in that it slides out and allows you to access your cargo that's all the way towards the center of your RV but it has some differences. So one is gonna be way it's assembled. The MORryde comes fully assembled. You just need to install it. The SuperSlide allows you a little bit more customization becomes because it comes in three parts. You're gonna have to get the rails. You're gonna have to get the trim kit and then you have to get separate plywood to make your bottom. So that can be good for some people who really wanna customize their experience because then you can choose your own style of trim. You can choose your own rails and really get the best fit for how much, how wide or how long you want your cargo tray to be. The downside to that is you have to install all three different pieces and you have to be it all three different pieces. Compared to this, it arrives, you install it, you're done with the SuperSlide. You have to install it all together and then you can go. The next two big differences are gonna be how the latch works and the weight capacity. For this one you have an easy to open latch but this only slides out all the weight. It doesn't stop at increments, which these SuperSlide does. So if you want your tray out a third of the weight and just lock it there, you can do so with the SuperSlide. With this one, it is gonna slide back unless you stop it. The next thing is gonna be weight capacity. This has 800 pounds of weight capacity. The SuperSlide has a thousand pounds of weight capacity. So those are really just the main differences of course, construction, slightly different, how they look is slightly different. But if you're someone who needs extra weight capacity, you really wanna max out your cargo tray. you really wanna custom how wide it is, how long it is, definitely go with the super slide. Just make sure to do your research, follow our product pages so that you get the right fit for you. If you want a super quick and easy process, you don't really wanna have to think about the install process, go ahead, get the MORryde. You still have a really good weight capacity and it's all included. Once your cargo tray arrives, all you need to do is install it into your storage space. So take a look at where we have our bolts and then where our brackets are. These bolts are included with your kit. Just find a spot inside of your storage space, make sure that your brackets are lined up and then tighten those down. Make sure to use all all the bolts to make sure everything is nice and secure. So to help me out with this video is the owner of this trailer. So this is Jake. You may have seen him on some of his other videos right here at etrailer. So we're gonna ask some questions about what is it like living with the MORryde sliding cargo tray. So first off, do you like the tray Any good things about itYes I do. I actually love this tray. The one problem that I had before I had the tray was that specifically for me, my grill is always in the center of my bay because I don't use it all the time. So having this to be able to pull it out to access my grill, it's made it much easier. Before I empty my whole bay out because the grill is too big to be able to wedge past any of those other things. Oh no, it's heavy too. That would be a big hassle to drag out from the center of your storage space. Yeah and that's mainly a problem for me because my storage bay door is only about 14 inches tall. If you had a larger bay, what I've seen a lot of people to crawl over stuff. If they can actually fit in the storage bay they have to crawl over stuff to be able to get to it. That's not even fun either. With your storage bay being so tall though, or not as tall. Are you now limited because of this tray Has this created any problemsYeah, so I like to keep a lot of my stuff in five gallon buckets to just help me organize cause they're usually pretty readily available in case one breaks, I can pick one up. Yeah. But because this drawer has raised the height a little bit. Yeah. I can no longer fit a five gallon bucket in the storage bay. Okay, so there was some good parts about getting a tray. There we're some kind of downsides but then I guess you could just reorganize and work around it. Yep. So with the pros, with the cons, you still think it's better to have the trayYes absolutely. cause you can always find other bins and or containers that you can organize in the tray. For those other items. Absolutely. Awesome. Well thanks, Jake, that was a nice quick interview. It was nice to see your actual lifestyle with the tray. Not a problem. So my personal thoughts about the MORryde sliding trays is that they're both easy to install and they make your life easier. So compared to other brands where you have to figure out how to install it, what kind of pieces you need, this comes fully assembled. You just bolt it down and you're done. You're ready to go. So I really like having an organized storage space. This not only makes my items or helps me organize my items, but now I can access them. Especially if you're on the smaller side you don't wanna carry as much. Maybe you're on the older side too. And you're not a fan of having to take everything out of your compartment in order to access you really, really heavy grill. This is a great way to solve that process, make your life easier. And then you can focus on the important things which is your adventures on the road. And that was a look right here at our MORryde sliding tray for your RV cargo compartments here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoy the journey..

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