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MORryde Jeep StoreGate Tailgate Organizer Review

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Review of the MORryde Jeep StoreGate Tailgate Organizer

What's up, everybody. It's A.J. with Today we're gonna be checking out the StoreGate from MORryde. This is gonna attach to the back door of your Jeep. You are gonna have to drill a few holes, but it's not really that big a deal.

It's in there nice and tight. And it's gonna be good for getting that clutter out of the back of your Jeep. Maybe you just have a few items that are kind of just loose and lay around all the time. They don't really have a place to stay. This gives them that nice place to stay and doesn't take up a lot of room.

You can still shut the door just fine. It doesn't take up the back room either. It just keeps things nice and neat and contained. Let's check it out. It's gonna be great for a bunch of different things.

I think a med kit would probably go pretty good in here. We just have some storage bags in here. It would just otherwise be sitting loosely in the back of our Jeep. Now, it does keep all the items inside contained. But, it's nice that they just have a place to sit.

You can see this is all the space you're working with inside. You can still see it's attached to the back of the tailgate. You can still see that at the back. This front door is made out of aluminum. So it's not gonna be heavy. The outside is plastic. So when you attach it, you don't have to worry about it weighing down that tailgate, or putting extra stress on the hinges here, on the door. I said plastic and aluminum, but I don't want you to think that it's cheap plastic and cheap aluminum. You can see the thickness of the aluminum is pretty thick. So it's gonna be sturdy and hold up just fine. That's the same with the plastic. You can hear it has like a deeper sound when I knock on it. So it's not just flimsy plastic, like, you don't see everything bouncing around on top or anything when I do that. It's gonna hold up. The twisting lock up here, you can twist it in a place. That shuts the door. Comes with a key, to also lock it up. That way, nobody can get into it when you're not around. The door's gonna act like a table, too, so you can set your drink down on there. And it does have a weight capacity of 35 pounds, so don't exceed that, but you can set your drinks there. It has have a cup holder at the top, but you can see that it's a little small for a water bottle today, and some of the ones we tested. It seems like it's made for maybe just regular cans, it's gonna fit just fine. Another nice thing about it, is it doesn't take up a whole lot of space. So even though it's mounted here on the back of the tailgate, you can still shut the door just fine. We made sure it was clear from the bottom so it didn't hit or drag anywhere. And I'll shut the door and show you how much space it takes up. Not much at all on the inside of your Jeep. To get specific measurements, I'll see how much it exactly sticks out. I'm gonna go from underneath the lip here, into the edge here. And it's like a little bit under five inside. There's 800 cubic inches of space. And then from inside to inside this way, is 24 inches. And then from up here to down here, behind this lip, is gonna be 10 and a half inches. So that's how much space is on the inside to store this gear. The StoreGate's been specifically made for your back tailgate on your Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, JK or JL. Really wasn't that bad to install. I just had to drill out those holes up here, on the sides and on the bottom. And it wasn't a whole lot to drill through. It didn't take long to get each one of those fastened down. The hardest part was probably holding it in place, keeping the level here, and just making sure that it was all level while you're drilling those first few holes. Otherwise, pretty simple. Now it's installed. You got somewhere to store your stuff. Well, thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helps..

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