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MORryde Second Generation 3-Step Handrail Review

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Review of the MORryde Second Generation 3-Step Handrail

What's up everybody, it's Aj with Today, we'll be checking out this hand rail, that attaches to your step above from your ride. So, there's gonna be a rail that you hold on there, just to help you give you something to steady if you're going in there quick or coming out of there fast, you can grab onto this, just for support on your way in, and you can go from this rail to this rail, just helping you, out have something to grab onto, when using the steps. Let's check it out. The hand rail is constructed out of a black powder coat, so, you don't have to worry about it rusting or coating when you leave it out, if it starts raining and stuff and it gets wet, not a big deal, it's not gonna bother at all. Now, you will need 33 inches of clearance, and that's just because it can stay on the step, and you can still fold it up with it on there.

You just gotta make sure you got that room on the inside. So, I put it up in a position here. This is what I'm talking about, there's no contact in there, but that hand rail does stick out quite a bit, and, luckily we have the room for it, I think you should too. There's usually an aisle I think, right next to the door anyway, but that's just something to consider. It's also really easy to add onto your step above.

You add it to the four mounting holes right here. Comes with the hardware, you only need one tool to do it. The holes are rivnuts, so they're already threaded. Check out how we did it. All right, so we're going to take our rail, and put it right here on the left side of the step, you can see we have the gold points here, that have the threads that we're gonna to run our bolts into.

Just gonna line up the holes here on our rail, with those. And I'll start them by hand, you got your bolt and a washer. You line that up. Just gonna start by hands, that's gonna help hold it in place. And that lines up the rest.

You get them all hand tight, and I'll come back and tighten them down with my ratchet. That's good there, nice and tight. With all four bolts tighten down, it's good. It's nice and sturdy, I like the way it works. It's nice to have that, just to get started up the steps, you can grab the one that's mounted on your cumb here, once you get up here, or even coming out, same thing. Just nice to have that to stable. Maybe you're carrying something, or you're just kinda going in there quick, or leaving quick, it's nice to have that to steady at. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out, I hope this helped..

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