Montague Paratrooper Highline Folding Bike Review

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Review of the Montague Paratrooper Highline Folding Bike

Hey, everyone. Colin here at Today we're going to take a look at the Montague Paratrooper Highline Folding Mountain Bike.Now, this is a full-sized mountain bike that has the added benefit of folding up for easier storage and transport. Montague makes a full line of Paratrooper bikes. What sets the Highline apart from the other models is a couple of things. First we have bigger tires.

The other Paratrooper models just have 26" diameter tires. This one has 27-1/2" diameter tires. Now, even though the 1-1/2" doesn't seem like much, that's more surface area with the ground. It's going to provide a smoother ride, whether you're off-roading or even on pavement. The bigger tire is also going to make it easier to climb over obstacles when compared to those smaller 26" tires.The other thing is that we have hydraulic disc brakes on our Highline.

The other Paratrooper models either have mechanical disc brakes or V brakes, so that's going to be a lot more braking power with our hydraulic disc brakes. It's going to allow you to stop a lot more efficiently and quicker, especially in wet conditions.Now, at first, you might be a bit hesitant to ride a full-size bike that folds up. Honestly, I was too at first. One of the things I thought about was, "What if I'm riding it and then all of a sudden, it folds in on itself and I fall over" One of the things that kind of gave me more peace of mind when was I looked at their click system a lot closer.Now, their click system right here is very secure. It's not necessarily that easy to get the lever off.

See, you can't just use one finger right there. It comes up a little bit, but it's really hard to get it past that point with just that one finger. You got to use the whole hand, get my, all my fingers under it. You see I had that nice snap, letting you know there was a lot of tension holding it together.Now, if you find that your bike is pretty loose at this point, all you have to do to tighten it up is turn this silver knob on the back to the right to tighten it up, and that gives you more tension in it to make sure that it's really secure. And the other thing is, if for some odd reason your lever we're to unlock like that during your trip, the bike cannot fold up right now, because you actually have to push up on the latch right there to get it to unlock.

The click system really did take away any of the doubt I had in the folding bike.Now, another thing that really gave me confidence in this bike, and it's just kind of cool, is that Montague actually designed the Paratrooper with the help of the U.S. Military. They just wanted something that was going to be durable and compact. The name Paratrooper actually comes from airborne soldiers jumping out of planes with the bike strapped to their chest. When they would land, they could get the bike and set it up and be ready to go like that.Now, obviously, it's a folding bike. We'll go ahead and show you how to get it compact and ready for storage or travel. First thing we're going to do is remove the front tire. Now, we're also going to have the patented click system on our front and rear tires. When we want to remove them, we just pull that lever back. And from here, we do have to pull and push at the same time to get our forks off. You can just set the front tire aside.Now we'll come to the center and get that lever off. Then again, like I said earlier, you have to push up right there to get it to unlock. Flip it around. Want to make sure we have the handlebars folded in towards the tire. Then we want to grab this hook-and-loop strap, and we're going to pull it off. We're actually going to use it to wrap around the tire and then come back up to the handlebar. Once we get that secure, it's going to prevent our bike from folding out while it's in storage or in travel.Just grab the other tire. We'll lean it against the bike like so. And I'll just reach my hands through the spokes to the frame, pick it up, now I'm good to go.Another option you have to make it a bit more compact, you can take the pedal off so that lays flat on this side if you choose to lay it down. Or you could even just replace these standard pedals with folding pedals from Montague. That way, instead of taking it off, you just fold it up and it'll lay flat.Now, a couple advantages to having a folding bike is one being you don't have to invest in a hitch-mounted bike rack, or even a roof rack with a bike rack, to get your bike from point A to B. The other being if you live in a tight space, like an apartment or even a small house where you're limited on storage space, you're not going to have to chain it up outside or even just find space in your house to store a full size bike. You fold it up, it's in this compact size, it can go in the corner or even your storage facility.Now, take another closer look at our Highline. It's going to be constructed out of an aircraft grade aluminum, so that's going to be very durable and lightweight, so when you fold it up, it's going to be very easy to lift up off the ground and get it to where you need it. And we also have a five-layer anti-corrosion finish. It's also going to be matte gunmetal gray in color, which gives it a really nice look.Now, one of the things that makes Montague's folding bikes a bit superior to other folding bikes, is that the hidden point where the bike folds is integrated into the seat post tube. Some other companies might have their hinge in the middle of the frame right here, which could compromise the weight distribution when you're riding it. Now, if you think about it, when you're sitting on your bike, the weight's coming down on the seat post tube, so it only makes sense to have that hinge point right in line with it to make sure it can handle your weight. It's going to do a great job of dispersing your weight all throughout the triangle tubing down here.Now we're going to have really good grip on our handlebars just to make sure we don't lose our grip at all while we're riding, especially if it's wet outside. You can see I have full access in range to be able to access my brakes right here, and also my Deore Rapid Fire trigger system, which is going to help me with effective shifting when I need to go up or down.Now, up front, we're going to have a Deore derailleur from Shimano. It's going to help us with nice and easy transitions from first to second gear. Up front, we're only going to have two speeds, while on the back, we're going to have 10 speeds, totalling 20 for the bike. We're also going to have a Shimano SLX 10-Speed derailleur that's going to make for nice and easy transitioning when we got to shift up or down.Now, we're also going to be equipped with a Rockshox suspension system, which does a great job of absorbing any impact we have when going through some rocky trails. You can see right here, just pushing down, we have 100 millimeters of travel through our suspension system, and we also have the option to lock it out if we we're to ride on pavement. We just turn this blue knob at the top, and that locks it down so that doesn't travel through, taking away any of the energy you're using to pedal.It's also going to be equipped with an Aero Mountain adjustable height saddle. And it's also going to come with reflectors. We're going to have one on the front, one on the rear, one on each tire, the back and the front, and then we're also going to have two on each pedal.Now, I've worked with a lot of Montague's bikes, especially the Paratrooper line, and I like them all. They all do a really good job. I especially like this one because of the bigger tires. It's going to be a lot smoother ride, whether I'm off-roading or even on pavement. And it's also going to allow me to get over obstacles a lot easier, and the gear shift allows me to get into that lower gear for when I'm climbing a hill.When you're all done riding for the day, it's very easy just to stow in the trunk of your car for easy transport. Even with your smaller sedans like we have right here, it's very easy just to slide it in and be on your way.Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at the Montague Paratrooper Highline Folding Bike.

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