Mighty Cord 50 Amp RV Power Cord Adapter Review

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Review of the Mighty Cord 50 Amp RV Power Cord Adapter

Jake: Hey guys. It's Jake 00:00:01 here with etrailer. Today we're gonna be taking a look at, and I'm going to show you some of the features, on this Mighty Cord 50-amp to 30-amp converter.This cord is going to allow you to convert your 50-amp plug or your 50-amp cord to give you extra length to get to a 30-amp hookup. The application in which this cable's going to help you the most is if you go to a campsite where you know they're going to have only a 30-amp hookup and you go there regularly and you're not wanting to carry around a 50-amp, because they are significantly heavier. This is going to be able to allow you to extend it from your camper or RV to the 30-amp hookup. Otherwise, it's going to be an extension that you can add on to your 50-amp service to get to a 30 if you need more length.If you have a plenty long 50-amp hookup, you can buy a shorter extender.

They're only about a foot, foot and a half long, like this one, that's going to convert your 50-amp to a 30. These are a little bit easier to store than this 25 foot cable.Let's go ahead and get it plugged in. It's going to hook up just like your standard 50 would. Line up your prongs, insert and twist to lock it in place. They have this threaded collar that you can twist on to keep your plug in place so it doesn't come removed.Your male end is going to be your standard three prong, 30-amp hookup, with two indentations here on the top you'll see.

Gives you a little bit more to pull from to be able to get it unhooked from your power source.What I like about this kit is it's simple. It's going to give you that conversion from the 50 to 30 with 25 feet of length, so it's going to give you what you need and more length.With all that being said, that's going to do it for a look at the Mighty Cord 50-amp to 30-amp conversion cable.

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