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Michelin Stealth Ultra Wiper Blades Review

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Review of the Michelin Stealth Ultra Wiper Blades

Today we're going to be taking a look at Michelin's line of rear windshield wiper blades. This is going to be an upgrade replacement for your rear wiper blade. You'll want to use our fit guide to determine the appropriate wiper blade size for your vehicle.It's a frame style blade, so it's going to have the strength and rigidity that comes along with that style of blade. It's hinged with multiple contact points to ensure that it contours properly to your windshield, and the graphite coated squeegee is going to ensure that you get streak free wipes every time.The entire frame itself is made of a durable plastic, so you don't have to worry about any rust or corrosion. To help ensure rigidity and shape of our blade, there's a metal strip that runs down on the inside of the rubber blade. So, if your rear wiper blade's worn out and you can't see out the back, this is going to be a great way to restore that visibility and get that ratty old blade off your vehicle.We'll begin our installation by removing our original wiper blade.

To make it easier to remove it, we're going to peel the plastic panel off here at the back. You just kind of squeeze it out on the sides and that will pop off. That'll allow the arm to flex outward, so we can take the blade itself. You're going to come on the inside and we're just going to pull outward just like that, and now we can pull our blade off.We now have our new wiper blade and the three adapters that come in the kit with our wiper blade. We'll need to select the appropriate one for our vehicle.

On our Mitsubishi Endeavor here, we're going to be using the middle one, so we'll set these two aside. We'll take the adapter that's appropriate for our vehicle. We're going to install it on the blade, so you can see there there's kind of a notch cut out, that simply slides down, clicks into place.We'll now line up the cross beam here in the center of our adapter piece with the open slot here on our arm. Slide those together, twist the blade back until it's flat, and rest it down against the windshield. We can now put the cover on the back back on, and installation is complete.And that completes our look at Michelin's line of rear wiper blades..

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