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MaxxTow Off-Road 2 Row Light Bar Review

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Review of the MaxxTow Off-Road 2 Row Light Bar

Speaker 1: Today your going to be taking a look at the max two two-row off road light bar, part number MT80634. So here's what our MaxxTow light bar looks like, once we have it installed. Now as you can see, it's going to put out a good amount of light, as you can see on that back wall there. Now, if I turn it off, and I turn on just my headlights, here's a little bit of a comparison to see how much brighter it is than those.And as you can see, over here on the side, these are going to be your flood LEDs, and more towards the center, we're going to have more of a spot beam LED. So these are going to be great for seeing long distances and shining out off to the side as well. With the light off, you can see that we're going to have a two row light bar.

Each one is going to have forty LEDs that are going to be three watts a piece. And the LEDs inside are going to have a 30,000 hour lifespan.The housing as well as the brackets are going to be made out of a strong, durable aluminum, and you can see the large bins back here are going to dissipate a lot of the heat coming off those LEDs. Now the lens covering our LEDs, there's going to be a polycarbonate lens, and it is going to be dust and moisture resistant, so it is going to hold up against all of those off road conditions.The entire assembly of our light bar is going to be 41 1/2" long, and about four and a half inches tall. And at the deepest point, it's going to be about three and a half inches deep. It is going to include a lighted switch to turn it on and off.

We'll have a green light for on, and a red light for off. The wiring harness that comes included to get it installed comes with a relay and a inaudible 00:01:34 holder. Now, the relay really is there to help protect our switch, so it's only going to require a very small amount of power from the switch, and send it to our relay which will turn the light on, rather than sending all of that power straight to the switch.We have a light bar mounted on the top of our side by side, but you can mount this about anywhere. It would make a great work light, or if you want to put it on a boat, or even a truck.Ponce wrote in saying it was fantastic. He mounted the light behind the lower grill on his Tacoma, and it's extremely bright and he's very satisfied and would definitely recommend this light bar to anyone.Luma LEDs makes a similar light bar.

Part number OBP141-294-CBB. Both are a mixed beam style light. But you can see here that the Luma light has a more intense spotlight, in addition to offering slightly more luminance. The MaxxTow light protects against moisture, but the Luma light can be fully submerged in water and still remain water tight. Of the two, the MaxxTow is an economical choice, while the Lumina is a more premium option, with a higher quality construction.And that will finish up your look at the MaxxTow two row off road light bar, part number MT80634..

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