MaxxTow Trailer Connector Adapter Review

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Review of a MaxxTow Trailer Connector Adapter

Today we're going to be taking a look at Maxxtow's seven way to four way trailer connector adapter. This adapter is going to allow you to take your seven pole connector that's on your vehicle and convert it to a four pole connector. This can be useful for a lot of different reasons. As our example that we have here, our trailer only has a four pole connector, so the only way we can get those lights to work on our trailer is by using an adapter.Another common use is to use this for your flat tow setup. If you don't have a breaking system installed in your vehicle, and you just have lights, you only have a four pole connector on your vehicle, and you only have your seven pole here on your RV. In order to get those lights to work on your vehicle, we can use this adapter, it can stretch out to reach the cable that's on our vehicle, and provide us with that necessary lighting.Or, if you do have an all-removable type flat two setup where you're using a removable breaking system, like the Patriot and magnetic lights, this can be a great option to get those magnetic lights powered up.

It measured 18 inches when coiled up, and extends up to 36 inches. What's nice about this is you've got that extra length in case you need it, to stretch to your connector, but when you're not using it, the ability for it to shrink up can help keep it from dragging on the ground.The wires inside are going to be 18 gauge, and they're all going to be fully jacketed to protect against the elements, and any scratches or abrasions that might occur on them. It's easy to install. You simply plug in your seven way connector to your vehicle, and then take the four pole end of your trailer and plug it into the harness. Once you've got it connected, you just want to check and make sure that you got your lights working.

As you can see here ours are working properly.And that completes our look at Maxxtow's seven way to four way trailer connector adapter.

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