MaxxTow Roof Mounted Cargo Basket Review

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Review of the MaxxTow Roof Mounted Cargo Basket

Today we're going to be taking a look at the MaxxTow Roof-Mounted Cargo Basket, part number MT70115. This sturdy steel cargo basket attaches easily to most roof rack systems. It's going to help free up space inside your vehicle for more passengers and pets. The attached fairing is going to help reduce wind noise and drag while on the road. With our cargo removed, you can see it's a sleek, low-profile design. There's plenty of room to attach tie-downs or straps. The black powder coat finish is going to resist rust and corrosion.

It comes with all the hardware you need to install it. The included u-bolts are going to allow it to attach to your round, square, arrow, elliptical, and most factory roof rack systems. The rubber plugs on top of our knobs help prevent our hardware from rusting. Its inside dimensions are 38.5 inches long by 34.5 inches wide, and 3.75 inches deep. Its outside dimensions are 45.75 inches long and 36.25 inches wide. It has a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs., though you'll want to be sure and check your vehicle's owner's manual to see if your roof can carry that much. Now that we've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed.

You'll need to be sure your crossbar spread does not exceed 32 inches. Ours is about 28. Let's go ahead and set it in place. Now, you'll want to be sure that the fairing is facing forward. We'll just go ahead and center it up. Now, when positioning your basket, you want to be sure that your crossbars are between your rungs, just like this.

Once that's done, we can go ahead and take our plastic spacer. We want to make sure that it's facing up just like this. We're going to set it in place underneath our basket until it snaps in place, just like that. We can do that for all four sides. Next we can take our bracket with the two holes on top, and we're going to line it up with the two notches on top of our spacer, just like that. Now our u-bolt comes underneath and goes up through the elongated holes on our bracket.

Once we've got those through, we can then take two hand knobs and thread those on evenly on both sides. Then we can repeat the same process for the other three. With everything all tightened down, we're ready to load up some cargo. With everything strapped down and secured, we're ready to hit the road. That's going to complete our look at the MaxxTow Roof-Mounted Cargo Basket, part number MT70115.

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