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MaxxTow MaxxHaul Headache Rack Review

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Review of the MaxxTow MaxxHaul Headache Rack

Hi there truck owners. Today, we're going to be taking, look at MaxxTow's MaxxHaul all aluminum headache rack. Now I've loaded up a bunch of junk in the back, some pallets and boxes and some other things that I'll be taken to the dump. But before we go up there, we're going to go on our test scores and put it through some panic stops, just so you can see how the things you have in the back will react with our headache rack. Now, a lot of that substance, it is junk. I don't have it properly strapped down, cause we know how that is, you just throw some junk back there, you're taking it up.

So we always recommend that you do properly strap down your items. So let's show you our scenario here.Boy I'll tell you when we hit that panic stop, the noise had made slamming against the back of the truck. I know the ones, the glass would have busted out and came in here and it didn't sound great. We're going to take a look back there and see if it did any damage, but I'm suspecting that we probably came out just, a-okay.So we're here at the back, taking a look at our truck. I don't see anywhere where it looks like we had any contact to the body of the truck.

It looks like the rack here took the blunt of all the impact. And if we kind of tip it back here, I don't see any markings really on our powder coat. It's got a nice strong finish on it. And I did want to point out that after you've got it all mounted up where it attaches here at the bottom, it does got a little bit of flex there, but at no point, I don't think this ever came into contact with the cab.That was a pretty heavy impact we had, but if I pull it as hard as I can, I can't make it touch the cab. So I highly doubt that impacted either.Now this here is my truck and I do have one of these headache racks installed on it.

And this is probably my favorite feature here is that it's got a spot on top to set any elongated items and rest them on there. There're stops on each side to keep your gear from rolling off and with all the locations here, we've got plenty of tie-down points to keep things strapped to it. This is the thing that I use the most on my truck, because again, I recommend you properly secure all your items. So I haven't had any issues with things coming into the back.Now I do frequently load it with wood and I'm tossing stuff in there, and I more wanted to protect my windshield in most instances. But for hauling things, this is unbeatable.

I mean, there's so many times that I've had 12 foot boards in here and I don't want it hanging out the back. Cause then I have to think about how much longer my truck is worry about turning, changing lanes. I like to just drape them over the top. And then all I got to worry about is to remember to stop before I get home and pull on my garage to unload it.The rack's constructed of a sturdy, lightweight aluminum. So it's going to be easier to get it installed. So you can by yourself easily, lift it up here and get it all attached. Aluminum also doesn't rust, so you don't have to worry about that, but they added a black powder coat finish to it for a further layer of protection against the elements. It also gives it a nice clean look that really matches almost all trucks, since it's black.It features slotted aluminum beams that run across horizontally with four vertical beams for support. And I like this design, some of the mesh designs out there. The mesh is nice cause it does give you a lot of coverage for your windshield. But what I found with the mesh that I dislike is that if I'm in my truck, sometimes I like to open up the back window and reach something out in the back here. With the mesh kind, you just can't do that, your hands won't fit through. With the slotted design here, and you can easily reach back and still access things in the back, right through your window. In the center, at the top, we have a cut-out of our beams here to allow clear access for our third brake light, as well as the truck bed light.It's a universal fit. The width is adjustable due to the slotted design here on our center beam. This is present on each side. So the arms where it attaches to your truck beds rails, you can adjust those inward and outward to match the width of your truck. And to help further make our rack adjustable, to fit as many vehicles as possible with this universal design, each arm that sits on the bed rails has a slot on it as well to match up with your stake pocket. The other hole here does require drilling. You would simply use your bracket as a template here and drill through to install your hardware.The rack secured into your stake pocket here using the included plate. This will fit down inside your stake pocket. Kind of got to go in this direction. You can angle it and turn it around, and this way your stake pocket here, it'll be hooked around it all the way, giving you full contact to cinch it down tight.We took this thing and put it through the ropes on our test course. Putting it through a lot of panic stops, slamming some gear into it, and it came through it just fine. This is likely due to it's two inch by two inch square aluminum tubes that really add to the rigidness of the rack. From the base of the top, it measures 28 inches, so you're going to get over two feet of coverage across the back of your cab. Now, if you've got a toolbox and you're wondering, well can I still use this with the headache rack, well you sure can. And it's one of the biggest things why I chose the MaxxHaul here is because I need my toolbox. There's so many things in here that I use just around the farm, or if I need to go make a run to somebody's house and do some repairs, I've got all that in here. Keep everything safe. One thing I wanted to point out here is that your toolbox may sit on the head of the bolts here like this. So when I attach mine back down here, I'm going to put a couple of washers underneath just to help level it out.And that completes our look at MaxxTow's MaxxHaul all aluminum headache rack.

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