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MaxxTow MaxxHaul Platform-Style 2 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the MaxxTow MaxxHaul Platform-Style 2 Bike Rack

Today we'll be taking a quick look at the Maxxhaul platform style hitch mounted two bike rack for inch and a quarter and two inch hinges. Part number Mt70387. We are going to go ahead and take it out on our test course to show you how it performs. Now with this bike rack being a platform style, it's unique because the platform can actually fold up using this two pins down here at the center, the wheel cradles can actually fold up allowing you for compact storage to we're when you get finished with using the rack, you can just take it right out of your hitch. It's not going to take up a lot of space like a normal platform rack. Now comparing this rack to an actual hanging rack, they both do contact the bicycles frame but unlike the hanging bike rack, this bike rack secures the bike to the wheels as well. Basically, your bike is really, really secured to the bike rack. Now this bike rack is completely versatile. The frame hooks of the bike rack move up and down the mass of the rack.

All you got to do is just loosen up this black knob here, you can raise or lower the frame hook and that's basically just going to accommodate different types of frames. Whether it's a woman's frame, a child's frame or even those all inaudible 00:01:13 frames and the ones with the crazy suspension components. Now again comparing this bike rack to a hanging bike rack to where if you would have a bike with an alternate frame or those crazy suspension components, you wouldn't need a back connector bar but since this frame hook or since the bike rack is actually holding the bike up by the wheels and then the frame hook can come downward and clamp down tightly against your frame, you are not going to need that bike connector bar for this bike rack. Now also on the frame hook are these nice rubber pads, here and here. At the point where the frame hook comes in contact with the frame of your bicycle, it's completely covered in rubber. It's not going to damage or scratch your bikes even the most sensitive materials. Now along with being really versatile, the wheel cradles as well can move up along the legs or the base of the bike rack and that's going to accommodate for different bike sizes or different bike lengths. Whether you are carrying a small child bike and you need the cradles to be really close together or you are carrying a larger bike or maybe a larger mountain bike we're the wheel cradles need to be spread far apart and then again the same hand knob that is used for the frame cradles are used for the wheel cradles as well.

Just loosen it up to move it and then just crank it down to secure it in place. The wheel cradles also have this nice soft rubber cradle strap which is really nice because even if you are going around carbon fiber rims, it's not going to scratch or damage the rim and it's going to give you . has some stretch in it, it's going to allow you to crank that down to secure that wheel in place. Another neat thing about this bike rack is that the mask has the ability to completely fold down that you can gain access to the rear hatch. We can do this by removing the silver pin here at the base of the mask. We'll fold it down, replace in our pin, then we can just open up the rear hatch, grab our cycling shoes, our helmet, maybe a water pack that we are going to be using.

This bike rack is made of a sturdy steel construction and has a carrying capacity of two bicycles. It has a black powder coat finish that resist rust and corrosion. Now we'll go ahead and show you how to install it. The first thing we need to do is simply slide the shank of the rack into the opening of the hitch. We'll then need to line up the pinhole in the hitch with the pinhole in the shank of our rack. We'll then thread in the anti rattle bolt and then tighten it down using a wrench and then we can secure the clip on the other side. Now that we've got our rack installed, we can go ahead and lower the platform down by removing the two silver pins on the left and right hand side base of the bike rack.

We'll then reinsert the pin at the bottom. Now we can go ahead and lift our bike up and place the wheels of our bike into the wheel cradles. And I'm going to go ahead and loosen up this knobs back here so I can adjust the wheel cradles to fit the distance of the tires and I'll go ahead and crank them down, screw them in place and then I'll bring the frame hooks down and clamp it tightly against the frame. Loosen up the black knob, bring the clamp down, and snug it tight. Then I'll finish off with the two rubber cradle straps. Then we'll go ahead and load up our second bike and repeat the same process. Now that we've got both of our bikes all loaded up, we'll go ahead and take it out on our test course to show you how it performs. And that will complete today's review of the Maxxhaul platform style hitch mounted two bike rack. Part number Mt70387. .