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MaxxTow MaxxHaul Heavy Duty Headache Rack Review

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Review of the MaxxTow MaxxHaul Heavy Duty Headache Rack

Today we're gonna be taking a look at MaxxTow's MaxxHaul Heavy Duty Headache Rack. This headache rack is gonna protect both you and your vehicle from cargo in the back crashing through your rear window, just like that. So we're gonna take it out on our test course and see it in action.As you saw, we took it through a few panic stops, and everything came out A-OK.This rack is a universal design, so it'll work with many vehicles. It's adjustable width, due to the arms here on each side that slide in and out. You get a 61-1/2-inch minimum spread, up to a maximum 76-1/4-inch spread. The overall height is about 28-1/2 inches.

It's a sturdy steel construction, featuring two-by-two inch tubular steel around the outside and a wire mesh on the inside.There's a cutout here in our mesh so you can still see your center high-mounted stop light. In most cases, it extends up above your cab, so you can use it with ladder racks or front-mounted hitch racks and still lay things up on top of it. Additionally, if you don't have any of the racks like that, you could throw a ladder up in the back and lean it up on here, and the posts on the side will keep them from rolling off.The whole thing has a black, powder-coat finish to give it a great look and protect it against corrosion. And when the headache rack's installed, the brackets are wide enough where you can still use your toolbox that you may have in there.When you're ready to install your rack, you'll begin with a little prep work. You'll take your rack and slide in the adjustable arms on each side.

Then use the included hardware, which is a bolt and washer, in each hole and just loosely tighten those, 'cause we still wanna be able to slide them in and out.Before you place your pre-assembled headache rack on your vehicle, we need to put our stake pocket plates in place. This'll slide down your stake pocket hole. You'll then flip it horizontal inside the stake pocket hole, and it'll act as a clamp after we set our rack in place. This should just sit right in your stake pocket horizontal, like this.Now, we can set our headache rack in place, slide our longer bolt with a washer on it down through the arms on our headache rack, and the plate that we put in our stake pocket. On the bottom side, we'll use a washer, a lock washer, and nut to hold that in place.

You'll then tighten it down.Here, you can see our bolt sticking down through, and we fed our washers and nut in through this access hole. Now, a quick tip for you, if you're having trouble getting your hardware in, like we we're 'cause our access hole's so small, we took our lock washer and flat washer, and we taped it to our plate before we fed it down into our stake pocket. This way our hardware was already there. You could take a screwdriver and just poke it through to break the tape, and the tape that's on the outside can just stay there. It won't hurt anything.We can now go back and tighten out all that hardware, and we'll move onto our rear holes.

You're gonna need to take a half-inch drill bit, using the bracket here as a template, drill through there. Check on the other side to make sure you're not gonna hit anything. Then you'll use the same hardware, basically, here. Feed it down through the top. Your plate will fit on the bottom, followed by flat washer, lock washers, and nut.Now, many customers on our website compare this to Buyers' Kabgard headache rack. Our MaxxTow here's gonna be more adjustable, due to its width adjustments, as well as be taller overall, with 28-1/2 inches. Our Buyers tops out at 26-1/2 inches. But I will say I've worked with both, and the Buyers does feel a little sturdier with its thicker steel crossbeams, whereas the MaxxTow's gonna have the wire mesh to better protect it against smaller objects that you may be hauling.And that completes our look at MaxxTow's MaxxHaul Heavy Duty Headache Rack.

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