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MaxxTow 2-Tang Clevis Review

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Review of the MaxxTow 2-Tang Clevis

Hi there, hard workers. Today, we're going to be taking a look at MaxxTow's two inch clevis with double tang and a one inch diameter hole in each tang.This is perfect for both industrial and agricultural applications. So, it's going to be great for at the job site by adding a hookup for your industrial vehicles, as well as on the farm, so you can hookup your lunette ring or clevis devices.To give you an idea of what I use it for around my property, it's for my seed spreader here, so I can hook it up and easily throw down some seed in the fields; and also for my small dump trailer to move items around. And with it's 5000 pound gross towing capacity, and 500 pound tongue weight, it's also great for moving around large items. I ran over to my neighbor's to borrow this, and I was able to back up quickly, drop a pin down and hook up to the receiver here, and bring it right back home.You'll want to keep in mind that a pin doesn't come included with your clevis mount, but you can pick one up here at Remember that it's a one inch diameter, so that way it's going to fit properly.Now, this is going to be used for most applications.

You'll want to use this size pin. But when using really small equipment, like this little yard trailer or the small seed spreader that you saw earlier, it is going to be okay to hook those up to it and use a smaller pin, as those equipments are going to accept a much smaller pin. But due to the extreme weight rating of this hitch and how low this is, you'll be just fine.You'll also want to keep in mind that a pin and clip to get it attached to your receiver doesn't come included with the mount, but you can pick one of those up here at as well. It uses a standard five-eighths inch hitch pin and clip.Now, you can do all of the same thing in your truck, as long as you've got a two inch receiver on there. Recently, I had a fellow farmer come out, and help me bale the hay in my field; and I didn't have a baler, but he had one.

So, he used his clevis mount to hook up his baler and transport it over here in his truck. Then we disconnected it and hooked it up to the tractor, and we got the whole field done.One thing customers don't think about is that the one inch diameter hole on each tang can have a ball placed in it. So, you can then use it with a regular trailer. As long as you purchase the appropriately sized ball, with a one inch diameter shank, it will mount right up.It's a solid steel construction, with a black powder coat finish. So, it's going to be rust-resistant.

So, it's going to be great for that heavy-duty work around the farm and at the job site.So, if you've already got some equipment lying around, this is going to be a great item that's going to let you use it with both your truck and your tractor as well. Or if you're deciding on purchasing some bigger equipment, and you're wondering how you're going to hook it up, this is going to be a great option for you. And if, like me, you're using it with some smaller equipment, it opens up the versatility of that smaller equipment. Now I can use it on my tractor with the three-point hitch, and be able to use hydraulics with those as well, instead of just my riding lawnmower that just pulls it around.And that completes our look at MaxxTow's two inch clevis with double tangs and a one inch diameter hole.

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