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MaxxAir FanMate Roof Vent Cover Bug Screen Review

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Review of the MaxxAir FanMate Roof Vent Cover Bug Screen

Hi there RV and camper owners. Today, we're going to be taking a look at MaxxFan's RV Vent Cover Screen. This bug deflector screen is designed specifically for MaxxAir's vent covers. It's designed to have the proper shape to fit on the back of it. So this way, when you've got your vent opened up and you're letting air in, you can ensure that no critters and insects are going to be coming inside to join you. It's a quick and easy installation because it just snaps in right on the backside of the vent cover.

And you can see here, it's going to add that extra layer of mesh behind the grills to keep anything out. Something like this is really useful if you like to sleep with your vents open. This is our customer's bedroom vent right here, and they like a little bit of air flow, like it cooler at night.So having something like this is going to ensure that the mosquitoes and other things aren't going to come in and join you. And you're not going to have a bad time when you wake up, you're just going to wake up refreshed with that fresh air that you're drawing in from the outside, whether you're in the mountains or down by the creeks. So now to insert your screen, it's going to sit like this.

I found that it was easier to put the screen in after you have your vent cover fully assembled. So we're going to put this back piece on. So you can see that these are elongated here and here, on each side. So we're just going to slide that up till it pokes through. And we're also going to do that on the other side, down here.

And then once you got them in there where they poke through, then just give it a twist. And with that elongated end there it's going to lock it in place. And then we're just going to push the top in until it clicks in here on the top.Now that we've got that inserted, we can go ahead and take our cover off. It's actually easier to put the screen in if you just had the whole thing off. So we're going to take the pins out of the sides, and that will allow us to lift the unit completely off of there.

We'll now take our screen. And there's three notches here. Those are going to line up at the bottom with the three clips. So just set that guy down in there. It'll line up there, and then all you need to do at that point is to push down on the tabs until they hook in on the lip right there.And now that we've got it clipped in all the way around, we can just re-install our cover over our vents. So it's just going to drop down on top. We'll line the ends up with our brackets and then slide our pins through to secure it. Put them up, to lock it in place. And once all the pins are secured, your vent cover has been installed, and you're now ready to enjoy the operation of your existing vent, without having to worry about any moisture or critters coming inside. And that completes our look at MaxxFan's, RV Vent Cover Screen.

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