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Maxx Tow Hitch Crane Review

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Review of the Maxx Tow Hitch Crane

Today we're going to review the MaxxTow hitch mounted crane, part number MT07328. Now in this video we're actually going to walk through the assembly process as well as how to use it since you'll have to assemble it on the vehicle and disassemble it each time you don't need to use it. We'll start with the T-connector that we'll insert into the receiver hitch on our truck and secure it with a pin and clip. Next we'll assemble the legs onto the base of the crane system. We'll use the pins and clips to secure the legs into the welding on tabs on the sides of the base. As you assemble the legs you want to make sure that they are going to sit at the base and at the same height as the receiver tube of the hitch.

You want that main support arm to sit level. We'll slide the base into our T-connector that we've already attached to our hitch and make sure that we line the main housing of the base up with the edge of our truck. With the base together we'll tighten down the two set bolts on the T-connector and use the nuts to lock them down. Now we're ready to mount our main hoist assembly. We'll remove the protective cover over the bearing and main post assembly and set that into the base that we now have secured to the truck.

With the hoist system mounted we can go ahead and undo the strap around it. Then we can mount our handle into our jack and we're ready to lift our load. There are three different weight settings that we can use on this hoist, 500 pounds, 750 pounds, and 1,000 pounds. The further we're out on the hoist arm the lower the capacity is. To adjust the weight capacity simply remove the bolt and the chain, move it to your new boom position with the new weight capacity, re-insert your bolt and tighten it down.

Make sure that whatever load you're lifting you find a safe and secure way to secure it to the hook on the end of our hoist. At the base of the system is a hydraulic jack. We'll use the handle to pump the jack and lift it up. When operating the crane it's probably best to have two sets of hands. One to operate the jack and the other to manipulate and stabilize the load as you're maneuvering it.

You can also use the handle to loosen the release bolt to let pressure down and let the crane down. The MaxxTow crane will also quickly and easily breakdown so you can get back on the road. We'll remove the crane assembly from the pass, put the protective covering back over the bearing and support post and lay it in the bed of our truck. We can quickly and easily remove the legs from the base of the system by undoing the snapper pins. Then we can lay them in the bed. Now we can leave the base in the T-connector and secure it using the pin and clip, after we undo our adjustment bolts, or simply remove it and place it in the bed as well. That's it for our review of the MaxxTow hitch mounted crane, part number MT07328.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Jim G.
Of course you can move 500 pounds causes at the end of the boom I would like to see a 1000 pounds being moved seemingly to me is too close to the hydraulic cylinder and it doesn't seem practical because it's so close