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Master Lock Brass Padlock Review

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Review of the Master Lock Brass Padlock

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby, and today, we're taking a look at the Master Lock Brass Padlock. This is gonna be a great way guys, go on heads, securing yourselves any kind of latches, like we have here on our trailer, and maybe if you have a cable lock, whole bunch of, applications to go ahead, make sure all those cabinets get opened, that you don't want get open. Just gonna be a great way of going ahead, and securing anything you need. As you guys can see, it's only about an inch and a half wide, so not gonna be anything too crazy, not gonna be the most heavy-duty lock out there, but it is gonna be great for things just like this right here to go ahead, cinch it up, and therefore, nobody can get to my trailer.

So, today we do have the keyed alike version. Now that's gonna be great, if you are somebody like our guy here, who has three points of access on their trailer, and you wanna go ahead and make sure that they're all secured, you can simply go ahead, order yourself all three, start securing all three points of contact and therefore, your key is gonna be keyed alike. You just need one to get them all unlocked. Now, of course, with any lock out there, this is honestly just to keep, well, honest people, honest. If any thief really wants to get at it, they can, of course, but, hopefully, this is gonna be a great deterrent to any common thief.

Just to give you guys an idea of how it might be working for you, you do have about a 13/16th of an inch gap here, so go ahead and get on the inside of your post, which are about a quarter of an inch diameter on themselves. This padlock can also be used to go ahead and secure some of your cable locks and for a variety of different uses. Well, guys, this is gonna be an excellent way, like we said, if you need to pick up a couple of these padlocks to go ahead and secure your full trailer, or just a variety of different things around your campsite, and that way, you only have one key to worry about. Now, if you do just need one little access point to be secured, there is a non-keyed alike option to go ahead and give yourself a unique key. Otherwise guys, I think that about does it for our look at the Master Lock Brass Padlock here today at

I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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