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Master Lock Backpack Lock Review

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Review of the Master Lock Backpack Lock

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Master Lock Set Your Own Combination Backpack Lock. Part number on it is 1547DCM. This is a very unique lock. We've got a chrome lever here that you push down and it allows you to slide your zippers right on there, securing them. It's going to come preset from the factory with a 000 combination. It's very easy to change. What you'll want to do is just squeeze your shackle, hold that down and then you spin your combination to whatever you want it to be.

We'll set it for 314. As you can see there, now those zeros have become a three, a one and a four. I can release the shackle and give those a spin. As you can see, my lock's locked up. Now let's put our code back in there. We've got three, we got one, we got four and it's just that easy guys.

This is something that we can change at any point we want to. If somebody discovers our code, or we've left it unattended and we're not sure if somebody saw it, just as easy to repeat that same process. We'll close it, set it to the combination you want. I'm just going to go back to the 000, release it, give it a spin and we're locked in. Now let's go back, 000 and operating just as it should.

Now the way this is going to work, we'll squeeze our lock closed, slide it around our zippers and spin it to lock it. So now nobody can get that open, they'd have a very hard time getting our bag open or getting in there to get anything out, with the limited access. Now that we've had a good look over it, that will complete today's review of the Master Lock Set Your Own Combination Backpack Lock, part number 1547DCM. .

John W.


When you open it to take off with shakel pressed in an move the number dail without realizing it wouldn't it then change com. then what would you do...

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


At that point you would either need to keep guessing the combination or cut it off and purchase a new one. With this type of product you'll want to be careful to note the combination and be sure to check it each time you use it so that what you mentioned doesn't happen by accident. We do have a number of different padlock options available as well which you can find at the link below.

Rob L.


what if I forget my code?

Etrailer Expert

Jacob H.


What I would recommend, rather than trying the 720 combination possibilities, would be to cut off the lock and get a new one.

Robin S.


How can you open that type of lock if you forget your combination?

Etrailer Expert

Jacob H.


You would not be able to open it. You would have to cut it off and replace it with a new one