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Master Lock 10-mm Braided Steel Cable Review

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Review of the Master Lock 10-mm Braided Steel Cable

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look at the master lock, 10 millimeter braided steel cable lock, 15 foot long. And this is going to be a great way guys, if you're looking to start securing some of your extra cargo, maybe you got a lot of ladders like you do here today. We have some ramps, gonna be awesome for variety of different tools or needs.

It also comes in a six foot cable as well. If you're needing something just a little bit shorter, but this guys, it's gonna be great. Like I said, to go ahead and start securing some of your longer items, can be great too, to go ahead secure like a bike, motorbike, ATV, those kinds of things. Now it's not super heavy duty here, but some material of this guy is about 10 millimeters thick, as you guys can see, there's 3/8th of that galvanized steel cable on the underside, but you do have a nice vinyl outer coating here. That's going to prevent this from corroding any time soon, of course, with that base under stock for the steel is great, but that vinyl prevents you from scuffing this up and starting to grate it right away, which is great.

Now, one thing I will say, you will need to grab yourself, A, your own separate padlock, to go ahead and start securing your two hoops here today. We do have a multitude of padlocks available at Today, we're just using the master V line to give you guys a good look at what might be a good padlock to go ahead and hold onto your cable lock. Now, as you guys can see, we have this wrapped around about three times here. Definitely given you a pretty good idea about how that, how long that 15 feet can really go.

We have a ton of ladders that we're actually holding on here today, wouldn't be too hard to go ahead and fit a few more accessories or other kind of construction tools on here, like a generator maybe, I might go for something a little bit more heavy duty, if you're starting to pack a lot more expensive items on here. Now this cable will do a great job of deterring any kind of theft. However, all locks and cables are honestly just there to keep honest people honest. Now there's going to be a variety of different uses for this. Of course, I could see this being great at securing a couple of bikes together like we said, maybe making sure your UTV and that's not walking away, golf carts could be excellent for this.

One big thing too, if you have any kind of swinging barn doors, these could be excellent to go ahead, tie up on the middle, that way they can't swing open. I might suggest the six foot long cable, as you guys can see, I am about 6'1" and this guy is quite large, but that's going to be excellent like we said, if you have a lot of cargo you want to secure and make sure it doesn't walk off your trailer. Otherwise guys, I think that about does it for our look at the master lock, 10 millimeter braided steel cable. Here at I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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