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Malone MicroSport Trailer Spare Tire Review

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Review of the Malone MicroSport Trailer Spare Tire

Colin: Hey everyone, it's Colin here at e-trailer. Today we're going to take a quick look at and I'll show you how to install the Malone spare tire kit for the Microsport trailers. Now this tire is going to be a direct replacement for the trailer tires that come with your Malone Microsport trailer. It's always a good idea to have a spare tire because you just never what you can encounter out there on the road, and the last thing you want to do is have to unhook your trailer on the side of the road, and then leave your gear behind to go find a new tire for your trailer risking someone stealing your equipment.The kit is going to consist of the spare tire, then you're going to have a U-bolt with some threaded brackets which go around the threads of your U-bolt and that secures the tire to the frame of the trailer. Now the best spot to put your tire is going to be where the tongue of the trailer meets the rest of the frame. It just has the most surface area and most contact.

So it's going to be the most secure at that spot. We're just going to bring the U-bolts up from the bottom of the frame and then line it up with your two lug nut holes. Bring the U-bolt all the way up till it's making contact with the bottom of your frame.We'll grab one of our threaded brackets and just begin putting it on. And we're going to go all the way down until that bracket is making contact with the wheel right there. And then we'll grab the second one and do the same thing.

You want to make sure that the brackets line up, give your wheel a quick shake just to make sure that it's secure. Now you will notice that I lined up the holes at the tops of the brackets. That's so that we can actually put a padlock on there and make sure that our spare tire is secured to our trailer. It's going to be a great theft deterrent.Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at the Malone spare tire kit for the Microsport trailers..

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Where do I place spare tire if I have a retractable tongue, the u bolt you gave me is not long enough to go around the bulk and place it where you have it in the video.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Just wherever you have room for it. This is a universal piece of equipment so part of the installation does have to do with what kind of room you have.

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