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Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer Plastic Storage Trunk Review

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Review of the Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer Plastic Storage Trunk

Adam: Hi everyone. Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the plastic storage trunk for your Malone Megasport trailer. So it's going to be a great addition to your Megasport trailer just to get some of your gear to and from the destination on the trailer.We will have a plastic construction. It's hard and molded so it won't fade over time and it is water resistant. We do have a cam buckle strap that comes with it to help keep that lid down, but there is some locks we can buy at

That'll eliminate the need for that strap. Another nice thing, we do have a hinge lid. Some of the wire ones that come that we have for this specific trailer, you just have to lift the lid off. This is when you've got a hinge and you got stainless steel brackets, if you decide you want a lock.So we are going to have quite a bit of room on the inside here. I'm actually storing my life jackets, of course, some toys, I got a noodle, little water gun here.

Also got some of my efficient equipment and more fishing equipment. You guys can put a bunch of different stuff in here. So we are going to have about 15 and a half inches of height to our basket. We are going to have about 42 and a quarter inches from side to side on the inside and also 16 and three quarter inches in width.So we do have options when it comes to mounting this on our mega sport trailer, we can either put it behind our axle or we can kind of move around some of these support beams and put it in front of the axle too. One nice thing about this compared to the wire basket that you can buy for this mega sport trailer is the fact that it is water resistant.

So you can keep your gear in there and lock it up and you don't have to carry it in with you with the other stuff obviously, if it's going to rain and you have stuff you don't want to get wet, you're going to have to take it out of that basket and put it somewhere in your house.This way you keep it in here and lock it up. Or if you get to the site, wherever you guys are going to either to beach your campsite or whatever. What really sets this one apart is we can actually just take it out and bring it with us. So now let's just go ahead and install it.So the first thing we want to do is grab the little cardboard box. It's going to be on the inside of our container here.

We're going to have two brackets. We're going to take one of them, one of our G ring hooks, a nut and a bolt. We are going to pay attention to the curvature of this bracket. It's going to come out this way. We're going to mount it on the inside of that there, should to stick that through. We will be using a 14 millimeter socket.Once we get that on there. I'm actually going to use a socket on the back. Make this quick and easy. Perfect. We could do the same thing for our other bracket as well. So now we can go ahead and take our assembled bracket and behind our axle, what we're going to do is put it on top of our frame, making sure it's leaning in. And as you can see we have a hole here and a hole over here. We're going to line those up and use our included hardware. Put those bolts through on both sides and inaudible 00:03:48 lock nut, put that on there.Once we get those sorted on there, we're going to use the 14 millimeter wrench and socket again to tighten these down. So once all that's done, we can go ahead and drop this into place. So it was a pretty tight fit. So we could avoid that in two different ways. We can either kind of bend this back or does loosen these up or does even grab an extra set of hands to kind of shimmy it into place. But it's kind of good that it has to tight fit. It's pretty secure back here.So now once it's all installed, you can go ahead and load up your gear. So we actually do get a cam buckle strap that comes with our kit. So what we can do with that is utilize our D-rings over here and on our other side does. To just give us a little bit more peace of mind going down the road, knowing that this lid isn't going to fall off. It might not lose all of our gear. Get it nice and tight and that way it isn't going anywhere. Well everyone, that's just about it. For a look at the plastic storage trunk for your Malone Megasport trailer.

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