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Malone MegaSport SaddleUp Pro Kayak Cradle Trailer Review

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Review of the Malone MegaSport SaddleUp Pro Kayak Cradle Trailer

Hi, it's Evangeline from, and today, we are looking at our Malone MegaSport trailer for two kayaks with our saddle up pro kayak carriers. While this trailer can hold two kayaks, which I think is perfect for when my friend and I want to go out on a float trip. If you need to carry more kayaks, this also comes with a two-tier option, which also allows you to bring more stuff, more equipment, more kayaks, whatever you need to have the best time. Now what's great about this trailer is if you and your best friend, your buddy, your partner want to go out for a float trip. It has everything you need, with storage space and kayak carriers to have a great day, and also for such a sturdy carrier and trailer, this is actually pretty light, you can, if you need to, bring it into your garage, you can just unhitch it and lead it in by hand with no problem. Easy.Now we're driving out our trailer on our parking lot and test course, as you can see, it takes these turns very smoothly, unlike larger and longer trailers that might worry about swaying, this goes really well with our vehicle.

Now we're going over some bumps here so we can see the up and down action while it does wiggle around a little bit, it's very sturdy and stable going through these speed bumps. When you get near the water and you're ready to take your kayaks off, it's super simple.All you need to do is just release the straps. Just lift it up and away, with the kayaks off, let's take a look at the saddle up pro cradles right over here. So these actually come with a hook and loop strap at the back, which you can remove in order to take off this lining here, but we have it in place just to protect our kayaks, and because it looks good. These are also adjustable with knobs at the bottom.

So if you loosen the knots, you can then slide these cradles back and forth just to get the perfect fit. So if you have a larger kayak, you can slide it out, back towards the end. And if you have a smaller kayak, you can slide it up closer. So this MegaSport is designed with a full adventure in mind, which is why it has these two storage areas for you. You have this dry storage box and you have this wire cage.Now this cage has a powder coat finish in here, and we already have some stuff, our paddles inside, but you can see there's so much more space in here to load all the other things you need in there, like your life jackets or your other wet items that maybe you don't want in your truck.

And with this strap untied, you just lift up the top of this cage, just like that. So that lifts up, and you can port and store stuff inside your cage. It has a dry storage box. So to open this box, you just take out this carabiner here and lift it up. Now, another cool thing is that comes with some oversize wheels on each side.

And the purpose of that wheel is to pull it out. So if you want to pull it out and put your stuff in there, maybe your bags, your extra clothes, your books, whatever you need, that needs to stay dry and safe in here, can go in here.And there's so much space inside, as you can see for whatever you need for a great day. If you happen to get water, or if you spill something inside your dry storage box, that's perfectly fine because it comes with a drain. So all you need to do is just pick that out and the water can drain out of your box. So you don't have to worry about it being stuck in there. I'm really a big fan of the storage options this MegaSport comes with, because you have the wet storage area, you have the dry storage area. So when I get my clothes all wet, after a long trip out, then instead of like having it contained inside an area, I can let it air out in here. Also, if you're going out regularly, this is the best place to keep stocked up and packed.So all you really need to do is get home, hitch it up and you're ready to go for a great trip. Now, this MegaSport is mega sturdy with its steel construction. If you look here behind the wheel, it has these leaf springs in place and they are the suspension of the trailer. So it helps with dealing with bumps and I'm not heavy enough to make a difference, but they will help it with going up and down and just keeping everything stable. Now, the spender I'm leaning on, is made of galvanized steel, so it's really strong. You're not supposed to step on them, but it will support if you do need to lean on them a bit. And these tires here have a weight capacity of 1,650 pounds, which is more than enough capacity for your trailer here. So they're strong, they're sturdy, and they'll get you to where you need to be, as well as our trailer here, also made of galvanized steel with a weight capacity of a thousand pounds. So load it up with whatever you need.This trailer has a spare tire. So if you're out stranded, something happens and you're out by the side of the road and you don't have to leave a trip behind and look for some emergency help or another tire because your spare is right with you. So this mounts onto our trailer, and you can choose to get a lock that will, I recommend it if you want to keep your tire safe. So this goes in there and you can lock that just to keep it all secure. This trailer follows VOT and Canada lighting regulations. So on each side, on the back end, we have these lights and as well as this license plate, just to keep you legal on the road, underneath these lights, we also have a license plate light to see, to improve visibility. And we can also look at the side of the trailer, which has marker lights to improve visibility and keeping legal.After your kayak trip, when you drive home and you're ready to just put everything away. The first thing you need to do is to put down the jack. So with the jack down, I'm also going to take away these cables, get those out of the way, as well as unplug our inaudible 00:06:42 with all those out of the way, we can then lift it up from our ball mount. So to do so, press it and lift up just like that. And you're going to have to lower the jack so that it releases from the ball mount.So final thoughts about this trailer is I'm very impressed by how put together everything is, it has the cradles, it has all that great storage space and it's hatched very easily to our vehicle here. When I was driving around the parking lot, I really liked how smooth it was. And I really felt that my kayaks and my cargo was secure and safe on this trailer. So it's a pretty great trailer. And that was a look at the Malone MegaSport with saddle up pro cradles here at each trailer.

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