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Malone J-Pro2 Kayak Carrier Review

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Review of the Malone J-Pro2 Kayak Carrier

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Malone J-Pro 2 Kayak Carrier with tie downs, part MPJ117MD. The Malone J-Pro 2 Kayak Carrier enables you to carry up to one kayak on your roof with ease. And doesn't take up so much space, that you can actually put bike racks, or maybe a slim cargo carrier on the other side to utilize all your roof rack.And this carrier will fit most sit inside, or sit on top kayaks. It has advanced foam padding, and polyester sleeves on the backside of it to help protect the hull of your kayak from any scratches of abrasions while transporting. We also have pads up at the front here, as well as the base of our kayak carrier. So, pretty much any place where your kayak would make contact it is going to be protected from scratches and abrasions.Now with the bow and stern tie downs installed, obviously we can't open up our hatch.

However, before we put those on, in this case, we will make contact with our kayak. So just keep that in mind when you have it loaded. We went ahead and took the kayak off to show you off a couple other features here. And here are the pads that we talked about earlier, that the kayak was going to be sitting on, or did sit on.And the tubing here is made from a solid steel construction with a powder coat finish on it to make it corrosion resistant. And since we used the Jaws Universal Clamps here, this'll fit the aero bars that you see here, as well as square, round, elliptical, and most factory roof racks as well.This has an overall dimensions of 16 inches long, by six inches wide, by 16-1/2 inches tall, with a load capacity of 75 pounds, and a lifetime warranty.

When comparing the J-Pro to the other kayak carriers, two that come up are going to be the Thule Hull-a-port Kayak Carrier, part number TH834, and the Swagman Contour Kayak Carrier, part number S65148.Out of these three choices, the most economical is going to be the Swagman Contour, with the Thule being the more premium end. As far as ease of use, all these are pretty much on par with each other. However, with flexibility, both the Swagman and Malone are going to be taking this one, as with the Thule you do require an adaptor when mounting onto aero blade bars. And this will not work with Rhino Roof Racks. And as far as aesthetics are concerned with your vehicle, all three of these would be pretty much equal with each other.Now that we've gone over some of the features of the J-Pro 2, let's go ahead and show you how it installs.

We have everything set up that you'll find in the box once you get it. We have our two bases, or cradles. Then we have our two bow and stern tie downs, our two kayak tie downs, our Jaws universal clamps, two sets of bolts to choose from, and two turn knobs to tighten them down to your roof rack.As far as the bolts are concerned, the smaller bolts here, or shorter bolts, that's going to be for your round bars, your square bars, and some factory style roof racks that are a little bit thinner. But since we're using aero bars today, I'm going to use the longer bolts. Our bolts are going to fitting through these points here, right now they're covered up, with these covers on our actual pads.So what we'll do is we'll flip it upside down, take our bolt, push it through.

And that'll pop over the cover. Pull the bolt back out. Stick our bolt in place, and push the cover back on top. We'll repeat this for the other side. Then we'll flip our cradle back over, placing one of our Jaws clamps in place, then loosely installing our turn knob.And now we're ready to set this on the roof of our vehicle. Then we'll take our clamp here, spin it around underneath. Loosely install our turn knob there. Make sure it's where we want it. Then we can start tightening it down, tightly around our aero bar. Just a note here, you want to make sure you keeping this as vertical as possible. Alright, let's repeat this for our other cradle.Now, try to keep this even with the cradle we have at the front. And once everything is in line, we can completely tighten it down. And now we're ready to get our cradles ready to receive our kayak. Our first step in getting our cradles ready for our kayak, is we're going to pre install our load straps. We'll take the end with the buckle, wrap it around the top, like so, and put it off to the side, let it hang down. We're going to do this for the front as well. Want to make sure it goes around the top, because you don't want to be fishing this around later when you have the kayak in place.Now, we can load up our kayak into our cradles, and make some adjustments back and forth, make sure it's sitting on there evenly. And you also want to make sure, when it's sitting on the cradles, that it's touching the pads it's supposed to. Looks like it is, which is awesome for us. So, our next step, we're going to take the straps that we laid out here, and drape them over our kayak on both sides.So, we'll take our free end of our strap now, wrap it underneath our roof rack system, bring it back up to our strap here. Put the free end, go through our little eyelet there, and go through our buckle. Pull tight. And repeat this for the front side.Once we have our access tied off, now we'll move on to our bow and stern tie downs. With our bow and stern tie downs, the first thing we do is attach our hook to the line. So we'll thread our rope through the eyelet of our hook, just tie a basic know, like so. Then do the same on the outside. Pull nice and tight. And there you go. Next, we'll go to the vehicle.We'll first go underneath the vehicle, find a tow hook point at the front. If there was no tow hook point, or any attachment point underneath the car, you'll pop the hood, and there's an adaptor point you would get to have your bow and stern tie down go to the front of the boat.Keeping the rope tight, bring it up to our first tie down point. Thread it through. Coming back about 12 or 14 inches, making a loop, then making a second loop, wrapping it around and pulling it through the first loop. And take our open end, put it through that, pull it tight. And then tie it off. And we'll repeat this for our rear tie down as well.And there you have it for the Malone J-Pro 2 Kayak Carrier, with tie downs. Part number NPG117MD.

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