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Malone Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2014 Buick Enclave

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Review of the Malone Hitch Bike Racks on a 2014 Buick Enclave

Today on our 2014 Buick Enclave, we're going to be test fitting the Malone Pilot 4 Bike Rack for number MPG2112-2115. We already have a bike installed on the rack, let's take a closer look and show off some of the features. One of the more common features about this bike is the fact that it can tilt away from the vehicle with all four bikes still attached so it can have rear hatch access. To do that, we'll come up to the front here, snap this loose, and lifting up on the rack a little bit, we'll remove the pin completely. You'll notice with that pin removed, it still doesn't fall. That's because there is a catch up at the front here to prevent it from falling so you don't have all that weight coming down at you at once, and you have time to come back here and get a decent grip.

To tilt it down, you pull it out, and let it come down. Now, we have rear hatch access to get whatever we need, and plenty of space on either side to do so. To put it back in its original position, just lift up on the bike rack and push forward. It tilts back into that catch. Then, we'll take our pin and line it back up with that hole. The bike is held up in place, we're going to have three points of contact.

Our first point of contact is going to be this hook that's holding it by its wheel right now, however, you can also have it against your frame if necessary. It is padded so you won't have any scratches or abrasions on your frame itself or the inaudible 00:01:55 should it make contact with those. We also have wheel straps on both. There's two options there as well. We have them on the innermost right now and that's going to fit your average 20 to 29 inch tire, but it can have a wider setting for your fat bikes up to four and a half inches wide in tire size.

These are also adjustable by loosening and tightening these bolts here. Let's go ahead and take the bike off. One other thing I'd like to point out is it does have an integrated cable lock for security to wrap around both your bikes once they're installed. There's one on each tray. These are not going to be keyed alike with the hitch lock, which we'll get to later. To release the hook, you come to the inside here to this notch, turn it to the inside to unlock it, which will pop it up, and then we can grab our bike.

With the bike taken off, I'd like to show you how those screw work. We have an included Allen tool to loosen those up and that enables us to move it where necessary. This is to accommodate bikes of different sizes. Also, when we have this folded down, we can actually utilize our strap to hold our hook in place as well. With the bike rack in this position, I want to give you a couple quick measurements, starting with the measurement from the edge of our bumper, to our outermost edge. Looks like we've added about 48 inches to the rear of the vehicle. We have a ground clearance of about 27 inches and our closest point looks to be about five inches to this edge here. The inaudible 00:04:31 fold up against the vehicle for close quarter situations like parking. Again, you come to the base, remove that pin, and come to the end and just push up. Realign the holes, there we go. Again, measuring from the edge of the bumper. Now, we've only added about nine and three quarter inches to the rear of the vehicle. Our closest point looks to be about an inch or so from here, but it's nice and secure so you're not going to have any issues of contact there. We have about 16 inches to this edge here for ground clearance. To hold this in place, we have an anti-rattle bolt. We'll have to take out the shake and play in the shank. We also have this lock on the other end with the dust cover to keep out the road dirt and debris. Next thing, you're going to secure it to your vehicle. There you have it for the Malone Pilot 4 Bike Rack on our 2014 Buick Enclave.