Malone FS Ski SUP and Kayak Storage Rack Review

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Review of the Malone FS Ski SUP and Kayak Storage Rack

Calen: Hey everyone, I'm Calen here at etrailer and today we're going to take a look at Malone Ski Paddleboard and Kayak Storage Rack.Now this rack is gonna give you an easy way to get all of your outdoor equipment stored without taking up too much space on the floor or the ways.Now if you're anything like me, and you're the outdoorsman type, you like to be very active, sometimes it gets pretty hard to store all of your bigger stuff like your paddleboards and kayaks.This gives you a nice option to vertically store it all; not taking up too much floor space. You can store your other equipment like bikes, or if you're in your garage, you're still going to be able to pull your car inside.Now with this rack, you're going to be able to store two kayaks, two stand-up paddleboards, and six sets of skis, which we have on the backside right now.You don't necessarily have to have it set up in this configuration. You could switch the paddleboards with the kayak. It's really up to you how you want to do it. It's just, in my opinion, we have it set up in the most convenient and organized way.Now our paddleboard holders are going to be connected to our upright arms. Using the included hardware, we're going to have two bolts for each side, with nuts tightening it down.

When you have it fully tightened down, it's going to be very solid and really have a good hold of your paddleboards. It's also going to have a nice powder coated steel construction. It is going to be fully padded along the bottom right here to help protect your boards finish and it's also going to have a weight capacity of 100 pounds.Now our J-hook style kayak storage rack is going to mount the same exact way with the included hardware. We're going to have that same powder coated steel construction with the padding. We have the angled up arm right here, so we can angle our kayak to give it a nice good hold on it.

We're also going to be able to store one kayak weighing up to 120 pounds.Now our bottom kayak is really going to be supported by these two foam blocks. They have the cut-outs right here to go over top of our support legs. They really don't have a weight capacity, so I would suggest putting your heavier kayak on the bottom, on top of the foam blocks, while your lighter one goes up in the J-hook carrier.Now on the back row here, we do have our ski rack. You're going to be able to put the holders in any configuration you want. We just have them evenly spread out right now.

One thing I do want to point out, when putting this all together, you're probably going to want the ski rack on the backside. It's just going to be the easiest way to do it. You can't really put it on the front side with your other carriers, because then the skis going to be taking up all that space; not going to be able to put your paddleboard carrier or your kayak carrier there.You're going to have a total weight capacity of 120 pounds on your ski rack and that's total, so you want to make sure that each set of skis together, does not exceed that weight limit.They're pretty easy to move around. If you want to adjust 'em, you just tilt it up and pull it out of the slots. You can go over whichever way you want, just set it in, and then bring it down, like so.

Just make sure it's got a good hold.Now the bottoms of your skis need to be together like they are right now and you want to make sure that you use the included hook and loop strap to secure the bottom right here. That's going to prevent the skis from sliding out of their catches. You're going to get one strap per set of skis.Now the racks going to be able to hold your skis. You just slide it in there and bring it down and the curvatures go out when they're together, going to catch on those rubber grips right here. Those rubber grips are also going to help protect the frame of your skis from any type of scratches or abrasions.Now you're also going to have to secure the hook and loop strap provided to make sure that the skis do not slip out from the catches.Now the mounting hardware is going to be included with your ski rack. Just going to be two bolts on each side, with nuts right here. Once you have it tightened down, you're going to have a very nice hold.Now basically the rack itself is going to have a nice 12 gauge steel construction with a powder coat finish that'll help resist rust and corrosion. It's going to be very tough and durable. It's gonna take about 30 minutes to and hour to assemble, just as long as you follow the instructions. It's just about making sure you get all the hardware in the correct spots.Now we're also going to have a weight capacity of 250 pounds, so you do want to make sure that you don't exceed the weight capacity of all of your racks because that'll be more than the weight capacity of the base.Now something to keep in mind when assembling your entire rack, make sure that you get your kayak and your paddleboard holders on the side with the longer legs. That's just gonna be able to support the weight a lot better and prevent any tipping hazards.Now if you do need a higher weight capacity because you do want to store more stuff on your rack, you can purchase a leg extension kit for this side of the rack. That'll double your weight capacity at 500 pounds. That is sold separately here at etrailer.Now if you want to make your rack more mobile, just to make it easier to get behind it in case you've got to clean or maybe want to move around for a social event, you can replace these legs right here, with castor wheels made by Malone, which are available at as far as space needed to get the rack in place, it's going to be 83 inches tall. It's going to be 48 inches wide and it's going to stick out from the wall about 37 inches.Keep in mind when you load your equipment, your paddleboards and your kayaks, depending on the size, it may come out farther, so just keep that in mind.Now this is just one combination of Malone's freestanding rack. There's a ton of other combinations available or you can even just build your own out of all the add-on that we have and it's all available here at

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