Malone FS Ski Bike and Kayak Storage Rack Review

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Review of the Malone FS Ski Bike and Kayak Storage Rack

Colin: Hey everyone, I'm Colin here at, and today we're gonna take a look at Malone's Free-Standing Ski, Bike, and Kayak Rack. This is gonna be a great option for decluttering your garage. It's gonna let you get all of your outdoor equipment off the floor up onto the rack, it's gonna just make everything more accessible and more organized.With this rack you're gonna be able to hold up to two kayaks, three bicycles, and six sets of skis which we have on the back of the rack. It's gonna be a total weight capacity of 250 pounds.Our bikes are held in place by Malone's bike holders. These are gonna be two poles which have a sturdy steel construction with a soft padding on the outside that's gonna help protect the finish of our bikes. You can see that we just have it through the spokes of our wheels, that's how it's being supported.

The bike holders are also gonna be held in place on the rack using two bolts per holder with wingnuts on the other side securing them.Our top kayak rack's gonna have a weight capacity of 120 pounds, while below we don't really have a weight capacity, it's just these two foam blocks that have the cutouts for our bottom base of the rack. Once we set those in place, it just sets our kayak down on top of it so it's not touching our rack or the floor. I would suggest putting your heavier kayak on the bottom, and then the lighter one up top into the J-hook carrier.Our ski rack is mounted on the back, which in my opinion is the best place for it, you just don't wanna it getting in the way of your bikes or your kayaks.How it holds our skis is we have the bottoms pressed together, then we have this hook and loop strap down here securing it, and then you just take the curvatures, which go both directions, slide it into this rubber-coated slot, and once you bring it down it's gonna catch on those angles and stay in place. That rubber coating right there is gonna help protect your skis from any type of scratches or abrasions.We can maneuver our catches to spread out however we want. If we have a set of skis that's a little bit thicker than the rest, all we gotta do is tilt it up, then bring it out, now we can move it whichever direction we need to, and then slide it right back in.

We are gonna have a 120-pound weight capacity for our ski rack, which is 20 pounds per set of skis.Now, if you're already tight on space, we'll go ahead and give you a few dimensions to let you know if this is gonna suit your needs. On our height, we're gonna have 83 inches for our rack. On the width, it's gonna be 48 inches. And then the length being from the wall to the outermost point, which is out to the edge of our bike holder, that's gonna be 38 inches.But you do wanna keep in mind, depending on the width of your kayaks, you may be sticking out a little more than 38 inches. And you also wanna leave yourself a couple of feet to comfortably get in and get your bikes loaded on the rack and to get your kayak loaded on the top rack.Now the base of the rack itself is gonna have a 12-gauge steel construction, which is gonna be very sturdy and durable.

It's gonna have a powder-coat finish which helps resist rust and corrosion. It doesn't take too long to put together, about 30 minutes to an hour, as long as you follow the instructions. It's just really mainly about getting all the bolts in the right place and tightening them down.When assembling your rack, you do wanna make sure you get your bike holder and your kayak rack on the side with the longer base, that's gonna be able to support the weight the best and it's gonna prevent a lot of tipping hazards.If you do wanna up the weight capacity of your rack, and if you get some other racks on the other side right here, you can purchase a leg extension kit which will extend the base legs farther out. That's gonna up your weight capacity from 250 pounds to 500 pounds, and it's just gonna be able to support that weight better without tipping.Now, if you want your rack to be more mobile, let's say you need to move it so you can clean behind it or if you're having a social get together and you wanna move it out of the way to create more space, you can replace these legs down here with caster wheels by Malone, which are sold separately here at is just one combination of Malone's Free-Standing Rack. There are others available depending on what you need to store.

Or, you can just create your own by getting the base rack itself and then purchasing add-ons for whatever you need to store. That's all available here at

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