MagnaFlow Ceramic Catalytic Converters Review

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Review of the Magnaflow Ceramic Catalytic Converters

Speaker 1: Today we'll be having a look at the magnaflow line, a direct fit, ceramic catalytic converter.Now, the reason you're shopping around for a replacement catalytic converter for your vehicle is that you either have a couple different things going on. The converter itself could be clogged, you could be having a check engine light because it's not as efficient as it used to be anymore and you need to replace it so you can pass emissions, or like in our case the converter assembly, which has the flex pipe built it into it, has developed a leak and we have excessive exhaust noise, which is why we're replaced our converter assembly today.And now that you've heard it before with the original catalytic converter in place with the broken flex pipe, and the new replacement catalytic converter in, you'll notice how much quieter it is.Here's what our converter looks like installed. As you'll notice, it's a direct fit, one piece, replacement for our catalytic converter assembly on our vehicle. It goes all the way from our factory exhaust manifold and primary catalytic converter, includes our flex pipe, comes back, has our secondary catalytic converter, and then the phalange where it goes to our exhaust resonator on our factory exhaust system.Now, not only is this design to be a direct replacement for a damaged or worn out factory exhaust component, but the high flow ceramic catalytic converter can even add a little bit of performance to your vehicle.Now, when we compare this to the factory converter, right here underneath our sub frame, you can see how large of a diameter of the pipe that we have, and this is because it's mandrel bent.Here on the factory piece, where it's bent to go underneath the sub frame, you can see how it's crushed down, and this is gonna reduce air flow, and it can reduce performance.Another great thing about this converter assembly is the converter itself is EPA approved and compliant in 49 states and Canada, so you don't have to worry about failing emissions or your safety inspections for having a missing converter or one that won't pass a smog test. You're good to go in every state in the United States except for California.Now, while our converter itself is ceramic material on the inside, all of our piping is stainless steel. And what this is gonna allow us to have is exhaust piping that's gonna last a very long time.

It won't rust out anywhere near as fast as how the factory one did.And that completes our look at the magnaflow line, a direct fit, ceramic catalytic converter.

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