Magneta Sports Trailer Towable Roof Rack Trailer Review

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Review of the Magneta Sports Trailer Towable Roof Rack Trailer

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Magneta Sports Trailer, part number RRT60. This trailer is also available with 80-inch bars, part number RRT80. Now, the idea behind this sports trailer, is basically take the roof rack off your vehicle and put it on it's own set of wheels. This is a great option for vehicles that have a low load-limit on their roof. In this case, we have a convertible. Now, the benefit of having it on it's own trailer, you don't have to lift your accessories on top of the vehicle so far. At the end of the day, your accessories might get a little heavier than when you started off with, so it's a lot easier to put it in place. First off, the load bars themselves, this is what's replacing your roof rack. Now, the dimensions are going to be 60-inches long, by 2-inches wide, and 1-inch tall. Now, the distance between the load bar center to center is going to be 34-inches. Now, this is a fixed point that cannot be changed.

You might want to double-check to make sure that your accessories that you want to put onto it will work with this distance. Now, these are not designed for a specific manufacturer of accessory roof racks, but it will for a variety of them out there. Since our rack is basically on a trailer axle, this will give us a lot more carrying capacity than some roofs on vehicles, up to 600 pounds. Now, let's go ahead and take a quick look at the construction here. First off, this is part of our frame right here. The entire frame, as well as the tongue 00:01:23, has a galvanized coating on it that really protects the steel. Nice, heavy-duty leaf springs on here, to help support the load. If I apply some weight to it, you can see how it works. These lights are submersible. If you use this trailer for a marine application, like if you have a small jon 00:01:42 boat or something you want to use, and dunk in the water.

This trailer is perfectly fine to go into the water. For general duty, this will help protect the bulbs from the elements as well. All right. Here is one of our running lights on the front of the axle here. This is also submersible as well. One on each side. Now, let's take a look at the tongue of the trailer here.

You can see you have three sets of U-bolts clamping down to hold them in place. All right What's nice about this is that this tongue here can be adjusted. For instance, if you don't need all of the tongue length on your trailer, you can loosen these up and customize it to the length that you need. Also, you can detach it, if you'd like. Or slide it all the way back. Make it a little easier for storage as well. Real simple coupler, trigger-style, easy to work, and use.

Now, this does require a 2-inch hitch ball. This uses a very common 4-Pole flat for your electrical connection. All right, this comes with two safety chains. Of course, we've got one here on the passenger side. Very easy to use. It just hooks over loops and you're good to go. All right, now you can see we have a bicycle and a kayak loaded up here. We're not limited to that, of course. We can use this for surfboards, snowboards, skis, storage pods, and cargo baskets. You can use it in any combination you'd like. Now, on our kayak side here, you can see there's inaudible 00:02:55 installed and we have our bow and stern lines hooked up to it, to help steady the kayak as it goes down the road. A large variety of bicycle racks will work with the system we have here. Basically, your bike rack needs to clamp onto our load bars in a fashion like this. It just has to have a measurement of 2-inches wide and 1-inch tall. You should be good to go. The trailer, by itself, weighs 250 pounds. Now finished for the Magneta Sports Trailer, part number RRT60.

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