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Luma LED E1 Series Mini Warning Light Bar Review

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Review of the Luma LED E1 Series Mini Warning Light Bar

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Luma LED E1 Series Mini Warning Light Bar in amber, Part Number E1-MB12-CA. Now it's also available in white and amber using Part Number E1-MB12-CWA.Our mini warning light bar is going to be great for fleet vehicles, emergency situations, construction vehicles, snowplows, and many other applications. Our mini light bar is going to give us a full 360 degree light, so everyone around us is going to know what's going on, whether we're plowing or if we're stuck on the side of the road.We're going to have a couple of different options of how we're going to mount our light bar. We can use the included magnets that are going to be on the bottom. They're rated at 60 pounds apiece and they have a scratch-resistant cover, so we're not going to have to worry about scratching the paint. It also comes with a bracket so we can permanently mount it to our roof.

We just need to drill four holes and then use the included hardware to secure it.Once we have it in the spot that we like, we can take the included power cord and we can run it to the inside of our vehicle. Our power cable is 9-1/2' long and we can run it straight through the doorjamb here or we can roll our window down and have it go through the window. Then all we'll need to do is find a 12-volt outlet in our vehicle. So just plug it in and turn the light on. Now keep in mind in some vehicles you may have to have the ignition on in order for the 12-volt outlet to get power.Along with permanently mounting the light, we also have the option of permanently wiring it in.

We can mount the switch wherever we see necessary and hard wire it in, but the connector and hardware is not included in this kit.On the plug itself we're going to have two switches, one that has an LED light on it, and that's going to be for our power, and then the other rocker switch is going to switch between the patterns that flash on our light. So we're going to have a total of eight flashing patterns on our light, solid on, all flashing, alternating side-to-side, alternating front-to-back, rotating clockwise, rotating counterclockwise, all of them alternating side-to-side, and random.The light itself is going to be about 11" long, just a little under 6-1/2" wide, and just over 2" tall. It's going to have 24 LEDs, putting out 72 watts, and the cover is UV and weather-resistant.So if you're looking for a quick, easy way to get warning lights on your vehicle, but also be able to remove them easily for everyday driving, this is going to be a great solution.That will finish up our look at the Luma LED E1 Series Mini Warning Light Bar, Part Number E1-MD12-CA.

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