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LubriMatic Plastic Oil Draining Pan with Pouring Spout Review

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Review of the LubriMatic Plastic Oil Draining Pan with Pouring Spout

Today, we're gonna be taking a look at Plews and Edelmann's plastic oil drain pan with pouring spout. This drain pan can hold four gallons of fluid, which is 16 quarts, so you can be sure that it's gonna handle whatever your vehicle can drain out of it as far as the engine's concerned. You can also use it for other fluids, such as coolant or transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid. The durable polyethylene plastic should be able to withstand all the harsh chemicals that can come out of your vehicle. We'll now position our drain pan underneath our drain plug here. I do like to come back a little bit because it is gonna shoot out of there.

So we'll position it about there, and now we can take our drain plug out. When I'm taking the drain plug out, I like to do it by hand and I push inward to help keep the oil from splashing all over the place. Once the drain plug's all the way loose, you're gonna wanna pull it away from the oil pan quickly. And now it'll go into our drain pan. I like to kind of move it up, because as it drains out, this is gonna get closer and closer to the pan, and eventually it will start to kind of run down the pan and drip off.

So we wanna make sure we catch it all. As you can see here, oil is draining out right into our pan, and we've got no issues with splashes making any mess around our pan. Nice mess-free oil change in our garage. So as you can see here, I can easily maneuver my oil pan around while it's full of oil. And this is what it's gonna look like.

Now, I'm gonna show you how I dispose of this oil. So first I take my pan and I go over to my container that is now empty from the new oil that I put in. We're gonna put our funnel in the top of our container and use the handles on our oil drain pan to easily dump the oil right back into our empty container that we used to fill up our vehicle. Once you filled up your containers, you can then take these to a disposal facility. Many local auto parts stores and service repair shops provide disposal services that you can use to get rid of this oil.

We wanna keep in mind that it's almost everywhere it's illegal to dispose of oil yourself. You don't wanna throw it in the trash or dump it outside. Once you've drained out all the oil, you can put it off to the side or hang it on the wall and it's not gonna hurt if there's a little bit of oil residue inside of it, the polyethylene plastic is resistant against oil's corrosive properties, so it'll be long lasting, even though you've got a little bit in there. The rolled lip around the top rim will help keep any splash inside the pan, so you don't have to clean up any mess around your pan when you're done. It has large grip handles around it, making it easy to maneuver it around to drain the pan once it's full, 'cause four gallons can be quite heavy. So this way you can be sure you can keep it nice and steady so you don't spill any out. The pan itself measures 18 inches in diameter. And this is great because it makes it easier to ensure that drain is gonna hit in your pan and not miss off to the side and cause a mess. What's nice about this is this extra depth ensures that when the oil is draining inside of it, it is gonna splash a little bit, but that way it'll just hit on our tall walls here and our rolled lip. And that completes our look at Plews & Edelmann's plastic oil draining pan with pouring spout..

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