Longview Custom Towing Mirror Review - 2002 Ford F-150

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Review of the Longview Custom Towing Mirror on a 2002 Ford F-150

Today in this 2002 Ford F150, we're going to show you the original Custom Towing Mirror, part number CTM2300. Now, we're back at the trailer, we're going to check it out. Our factory mirror still stays the same. We didn't change the position of it and we got our towing mirror on the outside here. With our towing mirror, you can see much more of the trailer. You can see the tire and also a little bit more onto the trailer itself. Compare it to our factory mirror on the truck.

The factory mirror right here can still move in any positions you want. The towing mirror on the outside, it's got a ball socket so you can move it in any direction you like. You get some pretty extreme movement out of it as well. Its also created from a durable plastic housing and it matches the ordinary 00:00:43 shape of your mirror. A couple dimensions. Center of the bolt hold that we had our hardware installed to the edge that's going to be about 17 1/2 inches.

The height of the opening for the existing mirror is going to be 8 inches. Let's go and get some dimensions of the towing mirror. Across it's going to be about 5 3/4 inches and the height will be about 4 1/2 inches. This is the stock mirror on our truck. For our towing mirror we're going to make sure that this surface is clean as possible, that way any debris or bug dust won't grind into the paint. Then we're going to slip our mirror on into place.

The inside edge here, we're going to make sure that this edge of the mirror covers up the edges of the factory mirror. We will slowly push it into place till it takes up all the slack and inaudible 00:01:37. Next we're going to install the hardware that will help secure it in place. Our hardware will be this hook and this knob right here. On this particular truck, I like to start the knob on here first, run it through this hole right here, put the hardware through and then we'll slap the hook back on the other side. Seems to be easier to push that try to throw 00:01:57 it together and push at the same time. Once you have it hooked, you can go ahead and tighten down the knob to make sure it's secure.

You don't have to crank this down but make sure you take out all the movement. This will likely bend 00:02:08 in pretty far and not like super-tight and we actually have a real secure fit already. We're done with the driver's side here, the same thing applies to the passenger side as well. inaudible 00:02:18 there you have it for part number CTM2300 on our 2002 Ford F150.

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