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Lomax Folding Hard Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Lomax Folding Hard Tonneau Cover

Today, we're looking at a pretty sweet upgrade for your truck. This is the Lomax Aluminum Hard tri-fold Tonneau Cover. What sets this one apart from most of the others on our website is it leaves enough room for our stake pockets to be uncovered. So this is a great candidate for a awesome Tonneau Cover Ladder Rack combo. It's gonna keep all those sensitive items and tools and stuff on the inside of your bed nice and dry but we're also gonna have an extra 500 pounds to be able to put up on here with our Ladder Rack. So I think that's pretty cool.

Trucks are meant to do stuff. And with this combo you're gonna be able to do a lot more stuff than some of your friends. And just so you know this is the Adarac Ladder Rack. We have nice seals all the way around the whole entire Tonneau Cover. So when I take this out, you can see the first little section of leather stripping down on the bottom, but it's gonna go all the way around.

The cool thing about this is you don't really have to get up in the bed to make it fold back. All you have to do is come down low and we only need one hand so we can pull this string for this side and pull down a little bit more for that side. Then you can fold it up. Look at that. That's just really cool.

It's very, very close. So a lot of these other tri-fold type Hard Tonneau Covers, they typically have the seals on the outside. This has the seal on the inside which gives us that perfect amount of clearance that is gonna work with this Ladder Rack. So we're gonna fold it back once. The second time you don't have to undo any latches or anything.

You just fold it back again, just like this. And we can drive like this, but what we wanna do before we drive is if you look down at the window over here right at the bulk head, there's gonna be a little notch right here. And this little string is gonna go like this. So that is gonna prevent it from kind of flapping around if you're going off the road or anything. But there's one more little thing that will kind of help with this type of movement. I don't think it's going to come undone, but if you take a closer look, you'll see that we do have some hooks right here. So that'll snap in. But even with these off and this one on both sides. So with this one off and this one off, it's still not going to come undone. It's just a last minute second precaution just to make sure that it's not gonna come undone. But this little string right here will allow it to come up because this isn't something that we're gonna be able to fold up against the cab of our truck. That's just kind of an extra little latch to make sure it's gonna be nice and secure. So we can drive with it like this; In the drive mode, from the very very back of our bed to this part right here, it's about 25 inches and we're not gonna be able to change that at all. The only thing we can do at this point is maybe pull this and then pull it back and then we can remove it. So if you really wanted to, you could do that. It's very, very easy to take on and off. So you could definitely do that if you really needed the bed, it's full length to put some stuff in. Our side rails is what our whole entire Tonneau Cover is gonna sit on and it only takes up about two inches from the inside lip of the rails on the bed of the truck. So that's not a whole lot. And whenever we're ready to cover our bed back up, let's go ahead and fold it back like this. When it's down, it's pretty low profile. So from the rails of our truck to the top of our Tonneau Cover, it's only about a half inch, which isn't a whole lot. And notice how we don't have seals on the outside. So this is made of aluminum. At first when I was looking at it I was like, "Wait, hold on a second. They left some open edges." But it's aluminum, it's not gonna rust away. But then on top, it's gonna have a matte black finish. I like the matte black. I don't like gloss because whenever the sun's behind you, it hits and reflects and then it goes into your rear view. And I just don't being blinded on the road, but then underneath we're gonna have no powder coated finished underneath, but it's just a piece of aluminum. So the cool thing about this aluminum is one it's actually slightly bowed. You can't really tell, but if you really put like a flat board on here, you'll notice that it is kind of slope. So all that water's gonna go out. So that's why we don't really have any drainage tubes with this Tonneau Cover. So that makes the install a little bit easier. But also if you have a evenly distributed weight up on top of here, let's just say a couple pieces of plywood or something. If it's completely evenly distributed, we'll have about 400 pounds of capacity on the Tonneau Cover. This isn't one that you will really want to stand on. But I mean, if you have the Tailgate closed and you're just sitting on the edge, it's not really a big deal at all. So if you just want to kind of just hang out after a kayak ride or whatever kind of thing you're doing, this is also some place where you can kind of just sit and kind of conjugate. It is kind of fun, especially like after like a golf round or a bike ride, you know, kind of just coming around, just have your glass of water, just chilling, talking to your friends. It is kind of a cool little hangout spot. Any Tonneau Cover can be broken into but if you do have a locking Tailgate, this is gonna be one that's gonna be a little bit more secure than some of the Soft Tonneau Covers. So just keep that in mind. It is gonna cover things up. So no one's gonna know exactly what you got in there. So they're not gonna know if they wanna break in or not. So I think that's a good deterrent just in itself. I also think it kind of looks cool but there is a very premium option setup over here so let's go check that out. Come on. The LowMax is definitely more of the entry level range when it comes to Hard Tonneau Covers. But if you come over here, you can see a really cool setup. If you really wanna go all out with your setup, the Retrax is pretty sweet. One, it has a lock on its own. So even if you don't have a locking Tailgate or you do, this one's gonna come with a lock. And the cool thing about it is goes all the way back. One thing that's bad about this one compared to the other one is we do have a little box. This canister is gonna take up a little bit of the bed space, but that's not a big deal with me. I just like how it slides out. I think that's pretty cool. And it also is gonna work with your Ladder Racks but not the Adarac that we have with the Lomax. This one's only really gonna work with the heeded OverHaul HD where you're gonna get same amount of type of capacity. This one's gonna have the same kind of capacity and gonna give you a little bit more security as well. So if I we're to go with one, I would definitely say the Retrax XR is like top of the line, top of the line but there really isn't a whole lot of extra benefits for you to go of that premium route. So if you just wanna cover your stuff, the Lomax is gonna do the job right. If you are one that likes the combo set up, entry level you're gonna wanna go with the Lomax and the Adarac Ladder Rack. If you wanna go all out, you go with the Retrax XR with the overall OverHaul HD. But if you want something that's kind of in the middle, you can go with the Back Revolver, that one with the Thule Tracrack SR with the sliding rails. Those will give you a little bit more capacity, but it's still gonna give you that hard Tonneau Cover security but it's in between these two right here. So it would go like right here. And that's pretty much it for our look at the Lomax Aluminum tri-fold Hard Tonneau Cover..

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