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Review of the Lockrack Watersport Carrier

Hey, guys. Today, we're going to be checking out the Lockrack Watersport Carrier. As you can see, I've already got it in place on my vehicle. Now, this carrier is going to allow us to carry a kayak, a canoe, and up to two paddleboards. What's unique about it is that it allows us to carry those things without any hold straps or bow and stern straps. We have these large ratcheting arms that close in around the craft, keeping it and containing it.

Each arm needs a key to unlock it. You can see here how it adjusts out. There is a variety of holes for it to lock in place. Once we've got our craft in position, we can just push it in, and it provides a nice, tight fit. Each arm ratchets individually.

You'll notice that it has an angled design. This is one of the contributing factors as to why it doesn't need any straps. It going to prevent any lift during our travels, that way it doesn't come out of the rack.I'm going to go ahead and remove the paddleboard, that way we can get a closer look at the base of the rack. Now, it is a side loading rack. What this means is, we can easily load it or unload it from either side.

We completely remove the arms with the included key, like we showed you earlier. I've found that you can also easily load and unload it from the back, just as long as you have enough clearance. Instead of having to completely remove the arms, we can just loosen them slightly.With that paddleboard removed, you can see that the base is padded, just like the arms. Now, I would like to say it is a bit softer than some of the other racks out there that are offered, so it too will prevent damage and provide good cushion during transport. When the Lockrack is not in use, the arms fold down.

We'll use that same key, pull it all the way out, turn it on its side until that one hole is visible. We'll push it back in on the lock side until it locks in, and this will allow us to get into those low clearance areas like our garage, a parking garage, drive-throughs, things like that. It only sticks up about two inches off of our roof rack system. Now, with the Lockrack in its storage position, it only measures about 34" long. What I mean is, depending on the length of your roof rack system, you may be able to get more accessories on your roof, like our bike rack here.Now, the Lockrack system is made out of aluminum, so we can leave it on our roof rack system year round. We don't need to worry about any rust or corrosion. Now, it mounts onto your T-channel of your roof rack system, so you'll need to be sure you have a roof rack system with the T-track option. You can see ours, with the top channel here. This is where it goes. Now, it comes with standard T-bolts, so it's going to work with most. I've got it loosely installed to my base. That way I can easily slide it on. Now, you can see here, I've got the T-bolt sliding into the channel, and then the spacer sits on top.Now, it doesn't rightly matter where you position it on your roof rack system, you just want to make sure that the front and back are even. I've already got my rear one in place. I'm going to slide it to about here. Then, I'm going to tighten down the bolt here. Now, it does come with a tool. I found that it was easier to use a socket wrench. It's a 10 millimeter socket. After we get it tightened down, we can then just replace our rubber pads. You can see here how it has a hole, that way it does not interfere with our nut and bolt. Be sure to tuck it into the track on each side. We can do the same thing for the other side.When you're ready to load up your watercraft, whether it be a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard, you want to be sure that your arms are facing up. What I like to do is not push them in all the way, maybe go a quarter or a halfway. That way, it leaves us plenty of room to slide it on and evenly push the arms in on both sides. After you've got everything tightened down, you can go ahead and load up your gear. If you choose the side loading method, you'll want to be sure and remove the arms on the side that you're loading. We'll make sure it's even front to back, and then we can put on our arms. Now, what I like to do is push them all the way in until they make contact, or almost contact, and then go over to the other side and push those in as much as I can. By doing this, it's going to make sure it's nice and tight and even. I'll double check, make sure they're as far as they can go, and we're all set.I mentioned earlier that it can carry up to two standup paddleboards. If you do choose to do this, you want to be sure that the paddleboards are similar in size. That way, the Lockrack can carry them both properly.

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