Lockrack Side Loading Surf Ski Carrier Review

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Review of the Lockrack Side Loading Surf Ski Carrier

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Lockrack Surf Ski Carrier. This is a universal mount. It'll work with either the clamp-on method or the channel mount method. Part number 339LR45SLASETA. It's also available just the channel mount method. That's part number 339LR45SLASET.This Lockrack is the perfect solution for carrying your surf ski.

It allows you to carry one on the roof of your vehicle without any straps. This saves you time and hassle. How it works is the ratcheting arms secure our surf ski in place. There are four which means there's four points of contact. The biggest issue when carrying a surf ski is keeping it straight.

You don't want it slipping sideways. This can be caused by strong crosswinds or traveling at high speeds, which then leads to damage to your vehicle or your surf ski.The Lockrack itself, more or less, contains your surf ski rather than cradles it or carries it. Each arm ratchets individually to better fit around your surf ski. It also features rubber padding for grip, which is going to provide good cushion and prevent damage during transport. This is an upgrade compared to carriers that have foam padding, which tends to tear easily and doesn't last as long.

It has an auto-lock feature to ensure that it remains in place.We've gone ahead and removed the surf ski, so we can take a closer look at the Lockrack. Here, you can see that the arms are offset from one another. This is so we can get that extra snug fit around the hole. As well as the arms, the base is also padded for that protection and support.Now, we'll give you some dimensions. This will help you determine if it's going to work with your surf ski.

The base measures 17 and three quarters of an inch from pad to pad. The ratcheting arms can be adjusted from 19 and a half inches out to 32 and a half inches. The Lockrack is a clamp-on system. It'll mount to your round, square, arrow, elliptical and most factory roof racks up to two and a half inches wide and an inch and a half tall. It's also a channel mount system, which means it'll mount into the channels of your roof rack.When not in use, the Lockrack arms store flat. You simply unlock it, pull it all the way out, rotate it until you find the single hole. Make sure it's facing the same side as the lock, and then push it back in. This is ideal for parking in your garage.The Lockrack is made out of a lightweight aluminum construction. It has a weight capacity of 175 pounds. You do however want to check with your vehicle's owner's manual to see if it can support this much weight. Now that we've gone over features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it set up. Now, this video is going to be for both the universal mount Lockrack and the channel mount Lockrack.Now, the universal mount Lockrack comes with both the clamp-on style and the channel mount style. We're going to show you how to set up both. Let's do the channel mount first. We'll need to locate our T-bolt. We'll need to take the plastic spacer, put it over the top. Then, we can bring them over to our base. We're going to come up through the two holes here. From there, you can just loosely install your lock nuts. Then, we're ready to head over to our channel on our roof rack.Now in order for this to work out, you need to be sure that the channel on your roof rack system is at least three quarters of an inch wide. That way, we can slide the T-bolt through. Once it's in the channel, you can slide it to your desired location. If you've already installed the other Lockrack, you'll just want to be sure that they both match up. Once they're lined up, you can take your included tool and tighten down your lock nuts.Then, we can install our pads. We'll just make sure that one side is tucked in underneath, and then we can just tuck in the other side. With these installed, the rest of the installation is the same whether you're using the channel mount or the clamp-on style.Here, in the rear, we've got a clamp-on style already set up. You could see the difference between the two. As you can see, the channel mount is going to give you that low profile cleaner look. It's going to sit right on top of our crossbars, whereas the clamp-on style does not. The clamp-on style is more versatile, so it's going to work with those multiple roof rack systems.Now, we'll show you how to set up that clamp-on style. We'll want to grab the clamp with the hole in the top, remove that rubber pad, take the T-bolt and slide up through and replace that rubber pad. We'll want to do that for both. From there, I'm going to take one of our Allen bolts, drop it down through. Grab the bottom portion of the clamp, put it together, install the nut on the other side. This is going to make installation later way easier. Let's go ahead and do that same process for both.From there, we'll slide on our plastic spacer and slide it up underneath our base, just like we did with our channel mount. We'll make sure that both clamps are straight, install our lock nuts and tighten them down all the way. With our bolts tightened up, we can install our pads. Then, we can head over to the roof of our vehicle.Now, I've rotated the bottom portions of the clamp out of the way. We can just set it in place. Again, we'll just want to be sure and line it up with our other Lockrack. We can rotate them around. We'll take our hardware, drop it down through, put it through the bottom of the clamp, push the nut up through, take our included tool and get that started.Once everything's started, we'll want to tighten everything down evenly. We'll do a little bit on this side and then a little bit on the other side until it's nice and secure. Then, we can put on our ratcheting arms and our Lockrack is installed.Now, we'll show you how to load up the surf ski. You'll want to remove the two arms from the side that you'll be loading on, so I'll take mine off here. We'll take our included key and pull them all the way out. On the other side, I'm going to adjust the mount halfway. From there, I'll bring in my surf ski and set it in place. You want to load it to where your surf ski is upside down, and so that the rudder is facing forward. I'm going to center it up on the base of my Lockrack.With our surf ski in place, we can reinstall our ratcheting arms. Now, I'll push these in until they make contact. Then, we'll close them up on the other side and get a nice, tight fit. With it in place and everything tightened down, as you can see, it's not going anywhere. We're ready to head down the road. If you'd like to add some bow and stern straps, they can further help stabilize your surf ski and give you peace of mind. They are recommended when traveling at high speeds or long distances. If where you surf is close by, you may not need or want these. They are sold separately.That's going to complete our look at the Lockrack Surf Ski Carrier Universal Mount, part number 339LR45SLASETA.

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