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Lippert Underchassis Double Bin Storage Unit Review

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Review of the Lippert Underchassis Double Bin Storage Unit

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Lippert Underchassis Double Bin Storage Unit for RVs, available in two sizes. At 99-1/2" long, the part number is LC236558, and at 96, the part number is LC17518.Now whether you've been RVing for a while or just a short amount of time, you know that in our fifth wheels or in our campers we run into space issue sometimes. There's just not quite enough space in all the bins to get all of our stuff stored. We don't want to necessarily put stuff inside on the floor, so this is going to give us a really nice solution.This is a double-bin system. It's designed to bolt right up to the frame of your camper or your trailer. So, essentially it's going to give us a lot of additional storage space, whether it's going to be just dirty items that you don't want in your camper, like your black water pipes and things like that ...

we really don't want to get those inside the camper and have those leach or leak on anything, or whether it's just tools or for that matter any other real camping supplies that you want to take with you.As you can see, we've got a sliding bin system here, so the bin slides in. We can lock it in place, so as we're traveling down the road we don't have to worry about. Be able to slide that out, get access to any of the stuff that you have inside, or when that's bolted to the trailer, you can actually fully remove these. That way you can carry it inside. There's a handle here on this end, also here on this end, so people can grab each end of it.

We can pack it inside, get it loaded up, bring it back outside and slide it right back in.Now, overall, for the 99-1/2" version, we're going to have a length of about 48". If you're using the 96" version, that's going to be about 27-7/8. Now regardless of which length you choose, the width of your bin is going to remain the same. This is going to be right at, just at 17" the inside here to the inside here, and then to give you an idea of the depth, from the very bottom we're looking at about 8" to our lip. Now, each of the bins on the left and on the right side are going to be the exact same size, and they've got the same capacity.

These are able to hold up to 100 pounds of equipment, so that should give us more than enough capacity to get things in there that we're going to need.You can see how we've got the four ribs that are raised here on the bottom. I really like that idea, think that they'll keep things from settling down if we happen to get some dirt in here or especially anything from those black water hoses. It'll keep everything up and out of that so we don't have to worry about it sticking. Also, on both ends of the bin in between those ribs we've got holes to allow any moisture or anything like that to drain.You can see our frame is a nice sturdy steel construction. It has a black powder coat finish.

That's really going to take care of any corrosion issues or anything like that. You can see the pre-welded flanges on both sides should match up really well with your trailer frame and allow you to get it attached pretty easily. The bins are constructed of a nice flexible polymer material. I like the idea of this because we won't have to worry about corrosion and things like that.The hinges, the heavy duty plastic with aluminum rivets, that tied in with that black powder coat finish, we should get years of service out of this without having any corrosion issues at all. That'll complete our look at the Lippert Components Underchassis Double Bin Storage Unit for RVs.

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