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Lippert Solera Slider Slide-Topper Review

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Review of the Lippert Solera Slider Slide-Topper

Speaker 1: We're going to be taking a look at the Solara Slider Slide Topper. These are going to come in black or white. They're going to come in a wide variety of sizes to fit your camper or RV. What's going to set these apart from others is these are actually going to extend out 50 inches, which is 8 inches farther than some of the other ones out there.You can see the box side here sits kind of inside of our T molding. This T molding hangs out past it so it will seal against the RV. When this is all the way in it has a seal so it sits against there and it doesn't allow water or anything to get inside.

However, if we didn't have our slide topper on, when we extend it out it exposes this top side. A lot of campsites have tree in them, so what that does it allows leaves, dirt, debris, water, to pool up and sit up on top of this. If you don't clean it off every single time, what happens is it's going to create mold.Also, if you don't clean it off, this rubber strip here, if nothing goes inside of it that rubber strip is going to push that as you close it, it's going to push those, bunch those leaves up against the side here. Well when you pull it in, it's going to push that molding in and it's going to allow water to drip inside there, which we don't want. If this molds up here, what happens when you slide it in, where's that mold going, it's going right inside of your RV and you don't want that to happen.

With our slide topper on it's going to allow the dirt, debris, leaves and water to run off the sides and not pool up on top of our box.Our topper is going to be constructed of a durable vinyl, so it's going to hold up to a wide range of weather conditions. All of our metal components are going to have a black powder coat finish, so they're going to resist any rust or corrosion. Our topper is going to last us a long, long time. With having our fabric extend past the edge of our box, or past the edge of our T molding at least two and a half inches, you can see we're going to have an overhang. With that overhand that gives us plenty of protection for the top of our box.when measuring to get the correct slide topper what you'll want to do is you'll want to measure from the outside edge of your T molding on your box to the opposite side outside of your T molding.

You want your fabric to extend at least two and a half inches off each side. What's really nice about these slide toppers is the spring that's inside this tube. That's going to allow our top to roll up and extend by the push of a button. When we extend our box out, our topper rolls. When we pull our box back in, the spring inside keeps tension on this tube and it rolls our top back up.As far as the installation goes, it's pretty simple.

Pretty straightforward installation. You can probably get it done in about 40, 45 minutes. However, I do recommend getting an extra set of hands to help get it installed.That will do it for the look at Solara Slider Slide Topper.

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Bill S.

Nice. I like the fact it over hangs 2-2.5 inches on each end. I need to order these this year..

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