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Lippert Bump-It Hitch Receiver Adapter Review

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Review of the Lippert Bump-It Hitch Receiver Adapter

Colin: Hey, everyone. It's Colin Here at etrailer. And today we're going to take a look at the Bump-It Hitch Receiver Adapter for the Jack-It 2 Bike Rack. Now, as you can see I've got the Jack-It Bike Rack right here completely assembled. If you don't already know what this is, this is a bike rack that will go over top of your trailer jack on your A-frame trailer that's commonly used for bumper pull travel trailers so you can get a couple of bikes loaded up between your truck and your trailer so you don't have to waste space in your truck bed or inside your camper.Now, with the Jack-It only having one use and that's on those tray A-frame trailers, the Bump-It Adapter is going to give you another option to be able to use it for the hitch receiver of any vehicle in your household, whether it's 2" or 1-1/4". That eliminates the need to have to get another bike rack just to be able to carry your bikes 10 minutes down the road to a bike trail.

Now we've got the adapter installed in our hitch right now. Let me just show you guys what piece you need to pull out of your Jack-It and set it in place on your adapter.The only thing we need to do is remove this anti rattle bolt right here that's holding the wing into the Jack-It Bike Rack. We'll just loosen it up. And we'll remove the clip as well. There is a small wrench that comes in the kit.

However, in my opinion, it's just a little bit easier to loosen it up with that ratcheting wrench. And then we can just loosen it with our hands from here.And then we'll just pull it out and then we can get the bike rack out of the Jack-It. Now with your Bump-It Adapter, you want to make sure when you install it that you have this gusset right here facing down. And then we'll just drop the bike rack into the adapter. And then reusing the hardware from the Jack-it, just this anti rattle bolt, I'm just going to lift up a little bit on the bike rack and feed it all the way through and then thread it on.Once you get it as far as you can with your hands, like I said, just grab that 3/4" socket or you can use the little wrench that's included.

Tighten it up all the way. It is the same size wrench for this bolt as it is for the anti rattle bolt that comes with the Bump-It Adapter. Put the clip on. From here you're ready to load up your bikes. And with the bikes loaded you can see it was a very easy process to be able to utilize our Jack-It Bike Rack in multiple different ways, not have to purchase a second bike rack to take a 10 minute trip down the road.

And it was a very cost effective solution as well.Now I'm going to go ahead and unload the bike so we can have a closer look at the adapter itself. Now the Bump-It Adapter is going to have the same sturdy steel construction that the bike rack has with a nice black powder coat finish so it's going to resist rust and corrosion and it matches everything very well. Now it also is going to have an 80 pound weight capacity. That is the same weight capacity as your Jack-It Bike Rack so nothing really changes right there. Just make sure you don't exceed that.And it does come with this nice anti rattle threaded hitch pin. When you get it secured in your hitch receiver, whether it's 2" or 1-1/4", you're not going to have any movement inside that hitch. That eliminates rattling around and the up and down movement as well. Now on the inside of the receiver is this sleeve that is making it compatible with our 2" receiver. All you would do is pull the shank out of the receiver, use the included Allen tool to remove the sleeve, and that'll make this compatible with 1-1/4" hitches.Now I'll give you guys a measurement just to make sure that this will work for your vehicle. Now if you measure from the face of your hitch to the edge of the Bump-It Receiver where the bike rack will insert is going to be about 17". You probably want to have at least that so that you can fit both the bike rack and your bike loaded on the front side right here. And then the total length added on from the face of your hitch receiver to the outermost point of the Bump-It Adapter is going to be 17-3/4".Now keep in mind that with your bike and especially these pegs added onto the back that it is a little bit more space. These pegs are about 6" long, so you do have that added length and especially if they have that bike, keep that in mind. But this is definitely something I would buy if I owned it the Jack-It Bike Rack already. And like I said, just because it's going to be a very cost effective way for me to use the bike rack in different applications and not have to get a second bike rack just to take that 10 minute trip down the road. And I think you guys are going to be very happy with it.

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