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Lippert Baggage Door Turn Latch Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Lippert Baggage Door Turn Latch

AJ: What's up everybody it's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out this replacement thumb latch from Lippert Components. And these are really important on the side of your RV or camper, because they're a nice way to keep the door closed without having to have your key on you all the time. If they all locked, you'd have to get your key. Make sure it's on you all the time, just to get to these small doors here. We got them on our propane compartment here and our side compartment as well.

So there's plenty of them to replace. Let's see which one we actually need. The thumb latches come in three different sizes. That's why measuring is going to be really important for figuring out which one of these is going to work with your doors set up. We got seven-eighths, one and one-eighth, and one and three-eighths.Now the measurement comes into play here.

We're going to want to measure from the lip inside to the outside here. Looks like it's about seven eights, so that one's going to work the best for us today. Again, exposing the most thread from here to here, it's going to come through the door and the blade's going to come down here and attach that way it keeps the door shut when you're got it locked into place. Let's get it installed. The first step to installing your new thumb latch is getting rid of the old one.

If you still have your one installed, it's going to be this easy. You just need two tools. I got a screwdriver and a ratchet. First, we'll use the screwdriver to loosen the screw and remove it and the blade here. You want to set the blade aside because we need to re-install that when we put our new thumb latch in.

It does not include one of these blades, but you do get a new screw and a new nut here. So you can replace that hardware. We'll take our ratchet, go ahead and loosen up that nut.We're going to pop it out. That easy. I got the seven-eighths one that we measured earlier that we know is going to work with this door ready to go. So we're just going to pretty much repeat our steps in reverse. We'll put the thumb latch through to the other side. You can see it there, and you can see how much thread we have to work with, which is going to be plenty to get that nice and tight. I'll get my new hardware from the bag. We'll install the nut, let's get it hand-tight. I'm going to come back with a ratchet and give it a couple of turns.Not too tight, just snug. Taking that blade from earlier that we set aside, we're going to install it too and make sure that you kind of follow the one that's installed down here, you can see that if you install it like this, it kind of dips in, or it can dip out. And that depends on how it's going to go around the lip here. It looks like we want to install it like that, so it kind of goes down. So put that back on, get it started by hand. Get our screwdriver. Go ahead and get it snug. Again, not too tight.Let's test it out. Turns is fine. When it turns is fine, holds the door nice and snug. It's not popping open while you're driving on the road. It was that easy to install. It only took two tools and took pretty much no time to get the old one replaced with the new one. The new one moves way easier than the old one did, I think it was starting to rust and had problems. And also it's not moving. The door is not going to where I'm not going to worry about it. Flipping over when driving down the road or anything, or even again, the ease of not having to unlock every door.Every time you need to grab something. You're at the campsite. You're relaxing. Your keys are inside. You just easily get to what you need to quickly. I will say, though, if you're looking for the complete package, that being the blade and all the hardware, I would recommend going with the JR products seven-eighths one. It comes with a weather seal that goes on the outside, further protecting any water coming in to the inside, ruining any of the inside of the door here.It comes with the nut, the screw, and most importantly, the blade. So if you don't have your old one or it broke, then you're kind of out of luck with this one. But if you get the JR one, it comes with all that stuff. You don't need anything extra. These are still are going to be a great replacement for your existing ones. You got ones that are rusted and are harder to turn or just problematic, and you still have the blades on the back, you can just buy this, use the old latch cause those aren't damaged or anything unless they're bent and then replace these that easily. That does it for our look at the Lippert Components, thumb latches. Hope this helped..

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