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Review of the Lets Go Aero GearDeck Enclosed Cargo Carrier

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Let's Go Aero GearDeck 17 Enclosed Cargo Carrier, part number H00604. This 17 cubic foot cargo carrier is going allow you to free up space in your vehicle without sacrificing any of the weather resistant protection that your vehicle offers.It's also RV and camper approved so that you can bring along that extra unit to the campsite. While other cargo carriers are going to leave your gear exposed, the weather proof polyethylene construction is going to keep your gear dry and out of the elements.There's no mesh floor so you don't have to worry about road grime or debris. With its slide out base, the cargo carrier is not going to limit access to the rear of your vehicle. At the end of our telescoping arms, simply remove the pin, unscrew the lock bolt, and now we can pull it out, giving us full access to the rear of our vehicle.It features a safety cable to keep you from over-extending it. The hinge lid is secured at either end with the attached rubber straps.

As I open it, you can see the rubber seal. It's going to keep out moisture. And with it fully open, you can see how you put this 17 cubic foot of space to use.We've got our cooler, luggage, child's bike and you can store other items such as camping gear, generators, work equipment or other things that you wouldn't want to get wet. And with all your gear loaded up back here, it'll free up room in your third row for passengers and pets.You can also secure your gear with the lockable lid using a padlock here. A padlock can be found on etrailer.com using part number 131D.

The exterior dimensions are 48 inches long, 25 inches wide and 27 inches tall, while the interior dimensions measure 46 and a half inches long, 24 inches wide and 25 inches tall.It's a sizeable carrier that may obstruct your vehicle's tail lights, so it does come equipped with its own, that'll have running lights, brake lights and turn signals. The lights just connect to your vehicle standard four pole connection. And because it will obstruct your license plate, it comes with its own license plate relocation bracket. The two reflectors here at the rear will also provide additional night time security.The lid is removable, so you can haul larger loads that won't fit in the carrier. In this configuration our sidewall is going to be about four and a half inches deep.

To help you with clearance at the rear of the vehicle, the carrier is going to feature a six inch rise from the top of the shank to the bottom of the platform.Customers on our site compare the GearDeck to the Thule Transporter Hitch Mounted Enclosed Cargo Carrier. At 17 cubic feet, the GearDeck has more storage space that the Transporter's 13 cubic feet. The GearDeck also has a higher weight capacity of 300 pounds versus the Transporter's 150 pounds. The GearDeck extends away from your vehicle for more clearance, while the Transporter tilts to offer clearance. The GearDeck does not have a built-in lock, while the Transporter does.

Both cargo carriers include Cree wired tail lights.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's go ahead and show you how to get it installed. It is for two inch by two inch hitches only. It features two hitch pin holes. It's recommended to use the closest hole to the box. However, if you have clearance issues, you can use the other hole. If you do need to use the inner hole, you'll have to slide the anti-rattle nut to the other hole.Since it is a sizable carrier, it's recommended to grab an extra set of hands to help you get it into the receiver tube. And then we can go ahead and install our included anti-rattle bolt, tighten it down to get out any shake and rattle on the hitch, and install the safety pin. With that installed, you can see we're not going to have any play and wobble in our receiver. And now we can hook up our four pole connection to our vehicles. And now we're ready to load up our gear. Keep in mind that it does have a 300 pound weight capacity.Now that we've got everything all loaded up, let's go ahead and take it out on our test course and see how it performs. First, we're going to go on to our slalom. This is going to simulate turning or evasive maneuvers.Next, we're going to be going over solid speed bumps. This'll simulate pulling out of a driveway or a parking lot. And finally we'll be going over alternating speed bumps. This'll simulate going over a pothole or uneven pavement.And that completes our look at the Let's Go Aero GearDeck 17 Enclosed Cargo Carrier.

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